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Reviewed by on 28 Jan 2011

73 score out of 100
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If you're looking for real older men, you know there aren't that many sites that really deliver. There are some so-called mature sites with guys 30 - 40, but if you're looking for silver-haired daddies, there's just not that many choices. Today we're re-visitng Older 4 Me, a site that is mostly REAL older men - men over 50, 60 and even over 70. Ready to learn more about the site and see what's new since our last visit? Then join me as I take a look at the member area.

The member area of Older 4 Me is a bit on the busy side. There are 3 language choices - English, Spanish and French - at the top right followed by some links. Below is a link to updates and then You'll find the content in 3 sections - Videochannels, Galleries and Models - and the Cruising section gives limited access to members. There are several links that lead to things to buy like site memberships and pay per view and a link to Daddytube, which seems to be free to members of Older 4 Me. There are currently 233 videos, which is 52 more than on our last visit a year and a half ago, which fits the site's promise of 3 updates per month.

Most of the videos are offered in streaming WMV format, although the newest are streaming Flash. The largest WMV's are shown at between 640x480 at 1.66 Mbps and 852x480 at 1.12 Mbps, and are good amateur quality. Each is also available in several smaller formats including one size suitable for dialup users. The more recent videos are offered in a streaming Flash player, most shown at 840x480 and the 3 newest are displayed at 1228x690. These are also good amateur quality, and play smoothly with good sound.

Older 4 Me offers 54 action photo sets from the newer third of the videos. These are good amateur quality or better, and are digital still shown at around 800x1204, although the horizontal pics are smaller - around 800x531. Some sets have only a few pics, while others capture the action in the entire scenes well. There are also 5 mixed galleries listed under GALLERIES.

Whether you're looking for high quality pics or a model index, check out the Older 4 Me Models section. With a total off 265 models listed by year, this section offers pics, profiles and links to each model's videos, although I no longer see the direct contact info that used to be offered. Each man is over 50 - many are well over 60 or even over 70 - and sexy. Each model has his own photo set, and the pics show some hot cock shots, ass shots, serious face shots and more. The profiles sometimes include info like age, occupation, height, and weight. There were some silver-haired businessmen, bald leather daddies, mature bears and weathered athletic types.

Overall this is a very nice collection of older men, and all the pics including the oldest are now shown at 800x944 or bigger, with the horizontal pics - when there are any - shown a bit smaller.

The site has one last section for members. It's called Cruising, and it's a personals/hookup site. Membership is free, and premium membership is free for members of Older 4 Me. There's a lot of men here - I found over 600 guys between 38 and 65 with pics in my state with pics and full profiles looking for friends, hookups, dates or relationships. You can search by a variety of perameters including age, body hair or words in profile or you can just browse the pics.

Let's talk about issues. There are various links including the one to the network that aren't all bonus content - most are things members must pay for. There are no dates on the updates to show whether updates are on time, and navigation is unnecessarily complicated. I did find One other thing worth mentioning. Although there are links for Quicktime versions of most videos, the links don't work.

Older 4 Me is one of the best older/daddy site that I've seen. Not only are the men the ages I want to see on a mature site - hot guys in their 50s through 70s but the action is hot. The site has added 52 videos in the last 18 months, and their update schedule says they add new content on the first, tenth and twentieth day each month. A model index including a pic set of each man plus free access to older male personal ads round out your membership. My only disappointment is that the videos here are not downloadable. Still, if you're tired of seeing what most sites call mature men and are looking for hot daddies and grandpas who are all horny and over 45, be sure to check out Older 4 Me!

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