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I know there are all kinds of things that turn guys on, so I wasn't terribly surprised when I landed the assignment to review Nylon Boys. It's a new site that features European guys getting off while wearing smooth, sheer pantyhose. And quite frankly, it's one of the nicest sites I've seen in a very long time; it's put together so well that it really just lets you get on with enjoying these horny guys in nylons pleasuring themselves.

The performers are European, probably Czech, and they're in their twenties. They're generally in pretty good shape with slender, athletic bodies; some are a little more ripped than others, and a couple are a little chubby. They're a nice mix of everyday type of guys, some clean shaven and some with face scruff, a couple wearing glasses, many average looking and a few are very good looking. Quite frankly, faced with a daily barrage of porn stars, I was quite happy to see fresh faces and lots of regular horny guys. And Europeans guys means foreskin, and I'm always happy about that.

The action is pretty typical on Nylon Boys. The guys start off nude and stroking their dicks to get them hard, then sporting erections they slide into their pantyhose giving us a sexy look at the sheer nylons pressing against their dicks. The guys reach inside the pantyhose to jack their cocks and some play teasing games like tenting their boners under the nylons and showing off their asses covered in the stretchy fabric. Quite often the guys cut a hole in the nylons, creating a gloryhole for their meat so they can continue their stroking. And it looks like most of the videos involve the guys using both their hands and Fleshjacks, although I didn't watch every single video. The sessions usually end with horny Euro boys splashing their cum loads all over their nylons instead of their bellies.

I'm not usually into guys in pantyhose jacking off, but I have to say that this is pretty sexy stuff. And this site is a part of a larger network of straight porn sites, many of which feature pantyhose themes, so these people seem to have this niche down pat. In the videos I watched, the guys weren't laughing or pulling weird faces while slipping into their pantyhose; I really felt like the guys were giving a sexy performance whether they were actually into this sort of thing or not, so if you're into watching guys in nylons, I think you'll be pleased with the offering.

Nylon Boys currently offers 32 videos. You can download the videos in either MP4 or WMV format, and they display at 640x360; there's also a second larger WMV at 1280x720. They're good amateur productions with good lighting and clear picture quality. There's no DRM, so those downloads are yours to keep. You can also stream the videos on the site and they play at 640x360.

Each episode also comes with a gallery of digital stills, the photos displaying nice and large at 1333x2000. You can view them in galleries on the site, save the pictures one by one, or download a zip file. Most sets comes with over 100 pictures, some as many as 180. Each video also comes a set of screencaps that aren't clickable and they can't be enlarged, but they give you an idea of what's happening in the video.

There wasn't really anything not to like about this site. Honestly, this was one of the easiest reviews I've ever written, Nylons Boys just seems to do everything right in terms of how they layout the content. They don't try to make you think there's more than there is, it's easy to navigate, and the site is beautifully simplistic. The only negative thing I'd have to say is that their update schedule is a little uncertain. I'm writing this review in November and they added two videos in September and two in August. Is this a deal breaker? No, the videos are good, the guys are hot, and I imagine it's exactly what a male nylon fetishist would like to see.

The only other thing I didn't care for was that Nylon Boys features previews from some of their straight sites on the homepage, but I can deal with it. And funnily, the link to get into each guy's session says "visit her page."

Nylons Boys is one of those sites that a reviewer loves getting as an assignment. So many times I found myself saying, "Gosh, why can't all porn sites be this good?" It's a simple site with 32 guys wearing nylons and jacking their uncut dicks, the videos are well done, they downloaded quickly, they played well, and the site was so easy to get around. Wow! Download a video, watch it, and jack off ... who knew it could be that simple? I only wish that I were really into naked guys in nylons pleasuring themselves because I'd be lining up some seriously horny jacking off sessions. If you are into men jerking their cocks encased in pantyhose, I'm confident that you'll like this site.

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