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Reviewed by on 17 Dec 2012

49 score out of 100
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Nude Male Dancers broadcasts live male strip shows for several hours every night from Montreal's Stock Bar. The guys are all in good shape, some exceptional. In addition to the main stage, there's a stream of the JO Room, where guys jack it up before heading to stage, and sometimes jack after for good measure. I didn't see any of the guys ejaculate on stage or the JO Room, but it might happen if you watch long enough. To be fair, the site is Nude Male Dancers, not Nude Male Ejaculating Dancers. Wouldn't want anyone to slip on the cum, after all!

The guys are a mix of new and seasoned and some are natural show-offs, while others do their best. They pose, prance, grind and writhe. Some work the pole. Few really dance and ever fewer could make it into Chippendales. And, thankfully or not, none really theme out - no fireman costumes here, unless generic metrosexual frat bro gym rat in silver neck chain is a costume. But if you're into hot guys in underwear or jockstraps, you're in luck.

While you might be shy about getting turned on in the semi-public of a bar, this site lets you visually devour guys from the safety of your own screen. Sometimes it gets damn dirty on stage and other times it feels like a rather chaste underwear catalog. A typical night has about 8 to 10 different guys, each appearing more than once.

When it's not show time, members can watch streams of the previous night's shows. The guys look 20s and most are smooth, some 100% so. The main stage streams from the homepage and you can open the JO Room stream in a separate window (recommended to keep track of all the action). Stream size for both is about 500x300, a far cry from HD but bigger than some live players. The main stage stream appears slightly sharper than the JO Room. While there is a full screen option, expect pixelization plus a loss of sharpness - it helps to sit back from your monitor if you go full screen.

Each stream has an independent volume control, handy if you want to mute it all and play your own music. Occasionally you can hear (and see) audience member reactions and an incoherent announcer, but mainly get a generic pop/R&B/dance mix. The main stage action is captured with multiple camera angles (mostly head on) with some close ups of cock and ass. Sometimes it feels like watching from a distance, with the dancer seeming small against the stage background. Stage lighting is good.

The JO Room uses a static camera with a slightly fishbowl feel and fluorescent lighting. When in the JO Room, the guys rarely make eye contact with the camera, and sometimes there is a chair in the way. But when a hot guy sits down, spreads his thighs and jacks, it can be hypnotic and hot. Not every dancer uses the JO Room. And some who do spend time making phone calls instead of jacking off. Some seem turned on by their own bodies and the situation (my favorite type) while others just stare at porn on their smart phones to get it up.

Each stream will note above it if you are watching live action or a rerun. You have to refresh the page for the live stream to show up if you log in before it starts. The site claims to stream live from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Montreal time, but that is not 100% accurate, because when I logged in at 9:45 Montreal time one day, it wasn't live yet and I had to refresh until it turned up. While the prior day's stream was similar, knowing the shows are live gives a more voyeuristic feel to me.

There is a chat feature to interact with fellow watchers, but I was the only one in chat. There is a mention of the Dancer's Studio Feed but nothing apparent on the site to access that. It appears to be an occasional feature. There is no site schedule. Occasionally messages pop up in the stream like a list of dancers performing that night, and then the name of each pops up on the screen as they go on stage. The JO Room does not show names.

For those who are looking for gay porn videos, as well, good news is that members get access to 12 bonus sites from Next Door Studios including Next Door Buddies, Cody Cummings, Next Door Twink and more. The bonus sites will help keep members busy when the Nude Male Dancers shows aren't live.

Something that sometimes bothered me is that the JO Room camera is static, so when someone stands up and jacks off with half their dick going off the top of the screen, it goes from voyeuristic to frustrating. But that tease can be part of voyeurism sometimes. There are brief downtimes on stage and longer downtimes in the JO Room as the guys move from room to room. There is no camera in the dressing room. Again a lost opportunity.

Nude Male Dancers brings you sexy, well-built 20-something male strippers. It's a no-frills site, but while it lacks some of the dirty, voyeuristic feel you might hope for when peeping into a strip bar, we can watch the performers strut their stuff, tease the men in the audience or beat their meat live. Without a site schedule, model bios, pic sets or a video archive, you just get whatever content is streaming at the moment - plus all the bonus sites. If you prefer live action to a rerun of the prior day's show, remember the live streaming hours are 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Montreal time (although the start time isn't exactly accurate). There is some downtime between guys, but if watching naked guys dance, tease and get down live is your thing, Nude Male Dancers is worth checking out.

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