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AudatiousNitez is a real-life gay couple who likes filming themselves having sex with each other as well as other guys, including several well-known players who have appeared on other black gay porn sites. The couple used to run a popular tube channel and say "We got so much attention that we decided to start Nasty Black Boys to share all our videos with you". They film their videos in Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta and Washington D.C. and their site just opened in June 2016.

The About Me page says that AudatiousNitez is gay, six feet, and weighs 200 pounds, but they're also a couple, so I don't know how that works. And I can't tell you much more because most of the videos don't show much of their faces, but they appear to be in their twenties, and they're in good shape with athletic and well-defined bodies and both sport healthy dicks. The guys appear with several known performers, guys like Holliwud, Tae the Doug, Romance, Big Redd and YoungBlood. And these guys also sport pretty nice bodies and big dicks. But many more of the performers fucking around with AudatiousNitez are nameless and faceless studs mostly referred to as "this dude".

Because AudatiousNitez is a couple, many of the scenes are threeways, and there are lots of gangbangs with five or six guys. The scenes take place is a variety of locations; home settings, hotel rooms, bars and sex clubs. In "Three Freaky Tops, One Hungry Bottom", a cocksucker services three big black dicks in a bedroom and takes all three cum loads in his mouth, one at a time of course. And "Big Black Cock for a Mixed Twink" has a lad sucking one of the guy's dicks before taking it up the ass, so yes, there are duos, as well. There's the odd solo like the one with Tae the Doug showering, but these are few and far between. All the fucking is bareback, and it goes without saying that there's plenty of breeding as well as cum eating.

There are 70 videos inside Nasty Black Boys, and these are offered in MP4 format. The videos stream in a variety of sizes with the biggest at 894x502, but I saw some smaller sizes, too, and these looked like cell phone videos that played in portrait orientation at 670x502. You may encounter other sizes, as well. The videos are pretty good quality, but they are amateur productions, so you can expect some with better lighting than others, and as the guy holding the camera is often involved in the action, there can be jostling, as well. But there are lots of times when one guy is filming his partner having sex with another guy, so we get some good cock-in-hole action. The videos are DRM-free and are not offered for download.

There are only five pictures sets; one has only two pictures, another has eight, and the remaining sets have numbers that fall between the two. These are decent quality screencaps that display at 1020x1360 and you can save them individually or download each set as a zip file. There is a hands-free slideshow, as well. One thing I didn't like about the galleries is that you have to open a console off the side of the page to save the pictures or play the slideshow, which is cumbersome.

Nasty Black Boys offers a blog listed from the tour so non-members can check it out, too. Like the site, it just launched, but it's not just a list of updates. It includes a detailed "Sex Party Do's and Don'ts", and I hope to see more reads being added over time.

The videos are dated; in the video section each episode says "added two days ago" or whatever is the case, but when you go to a video's viewing page, there's a related video section at the bottom and those episodes carry actual dates. To complicate matter further, the site just opened and all 70 videos have been added in the past couple of weeks, so I have no idea how often the site will be updating or if updates have started yet - there's an update dated the 13th (today's the 15th of June), and they say the next will be added on the 19th.

Unfortunately there are problems at Nasty Black Boys. The big problem is that most of the videos contain a giant watermark across the video that never goes away, sometimes covering cocks or even penetration. Most of the action features headless guys with lots of close-up fucking, and I think a lot of viewers would prefer to see some faces. Yes, I like seeing a huge black cock plunging a raw hole, but I like faces full views of the guys, too. We get glimpses of AudatiousNitez's faces, but even then I'm making an assumption that's who we're seeing. Besides, if you're using actual porn stars, why wouldn't you show their faces?

There is a full-screen mode, but the videos don't go full screen - at least not on my 26-inch monitor, though they do get bigger. The tour says members get access to live sex shows, but I couldn't find any unless they're in the video section, in which case they're not marked any differently, so who can tell? I'd have liked to see model profiles and a clearer bio of the couple that calls themselves AudatiousNitez. And there is a link offering a private chat with the guys, but these cost a minimum of $10 for 10 minutes.

Nasty Black Boys gets a mixed review from me. On the one hand, I love watching amateur sex and cock-in-hole close-ups really turn me on, but that's almost all they show here - I'd like to see entire guys sometimes. There's a good number of videos here for a brand new site, but I didn't love the lack of downloads, various viewing sizes and the intrusive watermarks. I think there are too many problems here to suggest you buy a membership, but then there Nasty Black Boys does offer a cheap trial so it won't cost you much to take a peek.

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