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I love Latino men. Their bronzed, dark-brown skin and big, juicy uncut cocks really get my heart racing and my dick stirring in my shorts, so Naked Papis is right up my alley. And with over 300 Latino guys greeting me on this site, I didn't know where to start - so many hot guys to ogle. We last visited this site in 2012, so it's time to take another look.

In Spanish "papi" literally means "daddy," but it's also a pet name used by females when talking to their boyfriends, husbands or lovers. It's also used to refer to a sexy Latino guy, and there are plenty of them on Naked Papis. Although the site doesn't specifically tell us the models' nationalities, they do mention "Mexican" on their tour, so I'm assuming a high percentage of these papis are Mexican. Regardless, they're largely twenty-something-year-old guys with slender to athletic / muscular bodies; most are smooth and some wear a lot of ink. Quite a few of the guys have face scruff -- patches of hair on their chins or faint mustaches - but there are heaps of clean-shaven guys. And if you like foreskin, most of these guys are packing uncut cocks, and lots of them are big and fat. Just the way I like them.

There's heaps of guys jerking their cocks and shooting their cumloads on Naked Papis. But there's guy-on-guy sex, too. Most of the action is duo, although there are a handful of threeways; and also a couple of hetero sex scenes. There's lots of dick sucking and fucking, and the anal sex is a mix of bareback and condomed, although newer releases tend to feature raw fucking, and expect the cameras to show off the cumshots.

Naked Papis has 331 exclusive videos - 237 solo and 94 hardcore - and the site updates weekly. Newer episodes have downloadable versions in MP4 in three sizes (570x320, 432x288, 360x240), the medium-age ones have QuickTime and WMV downloads at 640x480, and the oldest download in Real Player and WMV formats, sized at 432x280. You can stream the videos in Flash and sometimes WMV, older episodes stream in Real Player or WMV, although some of the streaming videos aren't actually streaming. The videos were mostly clear and good amateur quality, but I sometimes noticed some pixelation when there was rapid movement, like when a guy was stroking his cock.

The videos download quickly, even the largest ones, although the medium and low versions have a small screen size, so I'd only recommend them for those on slow broadband or dialup. The largest sized video took less than a minute to download using my cable connection and there's no DRM used on this site, so these downloads are yours to keep. I should also mention that some of the older action videos are split into between two and four parts, but our count is for full scenes.

There are also 336 photo sets. These are good amateur quality digital stills sized at about 600x850, although some are cropped to be narrower. The pics show off the guys and their cocks well, and although they're not available in zip files or slideshows, they can be individually downloaded.

There are a few bonuses with Naked Papis. Most of the models have desktop wallpaper in three sizes from 800x600 to 1280x1024 and G- and X-rated screen savers. There's also a chat room where you can socialize with other members visiting the site. When I checked it out there were 20 people in the chat room. There is also a good sized collection of erotic gay stories written and submitted by members of the site. I'm sorry to report that the gay event section is no longer updating.

I wish that the site would add dates to at least the latest updates so we'd know how frequently and exactly when updates are added. One other thing I didn't like about Naked Papis is that video formats change periodically over the years and not all episodes have the same formats. I'd like to see this site remaster the videos and get rid of outdated formats like Real Player and make all video options consistent so they're all available in MP4 format.

Naked Papis has grown over the last year to 331 videos, and they update the site every week with a photo set, a video, and usually a story, but since there's no dates, there's no way to be sure how regular updates are. The exclusive content is well-produced, quick to download, and DRM-free. And at $11.95, the price is right. Naked Papis is the brother site of Bi Latin Men, a larger Latino site with not a lot of duplication of content between the two sites, so you can join both sites and you'll be up to your armpits in hot and horny Latino guys. And still you're paying less for both sites than you'd usually pay for one site! Naked Papis is a great deal and you'll want to check out all the sexy Latino guys.

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