My White Slave

Reviewed by on 19 Jul 2012

64 score out of 100
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My White Slave has done something not many adult sites do - it's found a niche that isn't littered with sites. In this case, the action is gay interracial with a kinky twist; white men being dominated and used by masculine black tops. And I'm not just talking about forceful sex, although there's plenty of that. I'm talking amateur guys being fisted, pissed on, spanked, choked and having their asses stretched by aggressive ebony studs.

The men of My White Slave have that amateur look - no pretty boys or handsome male model types here. As you probably guessed from the site title, the theme here is submissive white guys dominated in a variety of ways by aggressive - and mostly black - tops. What the tops have in abundance is forcefulness. As they spank, fist, piss on (or in), face fuck and shove HUGE sex toys into their white slaves' asses, the black doms are confident and relentless.

The sex and fetish action is always forceful, with no pauses or confusion. The bottom line: While the site has no leather or dungeon equipment, you'll find amateur white men dominated by tops who really know what to do with a sub.

The site adds a new video twice a month, and there are currently 33 updates total, which equals 29 full scenes as one scene is broken into 3 separate updates. The videos are offered in 3 formats - downloadable Quicktime and WMV plus streaming Flash. The WMV's are shown at 720x404, and the Quicktimes at 720x405. These are good amateur quality, although the oldest videos have a frame per second rate of 22, which makes the videos not quite smooth in playback. The streaming Flash vids are sized at about 670x380, and they're also good amateur quality, although not quite as good as the other formats. All the videos are DRM-free, which is always a plus.

The My White Slave videos have an almost home-made feel to them. The camera work isn't perfect, and sometimes the zoom work isn't very smooth. But it doesn't detract from the action, and while the lighting won't remind you of a big budget porn studio, you can always see the sex, punishment and rough fucking just fine.

There are a few things I did want to mention. First is that while I was reviewing the site I sometimes had something else to do. We're not talking hours and hours, just a few minutes, but every time I'd come back to the site, I'd find I had to log in again. Also when you go to the model inex (labelled BROWSE STARS), about half the models don't have any pics, and so they're listed with an error on the page rather than a thumb.

My White Slave delivers content in an unusual niche - amateur white guys dominated by black men. If you like rough sex, pissing, spanking and slapping, erotic choking done by aggressive men who seem like they mean it, you'll find it here. Offering 33 exclusive DRM-free videos and twice monthly updates, usually. If you're looking for interracial gay hardcore, with a focus on kink and forced sex, and don't mind smaller sites, My White Slave is definitely worth a visit.

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