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My Str8 M8's Feet is a gay foot and sock fetish site that's fun, and really focuses on the subject at hand... well, foot. This isn't a corporate website trying to cash in on a gay fetish - it's the labor of love of a real foot lover who used to have a very popular Youtube channel dedicated to showing off his straight buddies fully dressed and showing off their feet. Once his videos were banned off of Youtube, he decided to create his own site, and this is it. The tour offers exclusive content, weekly updates and downloadable videos. Sound good? Then join me for a look at My Str8 M8's Feet!

The member home page is a study in simplicity. Navigation links run across the top of the page, and below is the latest update with date, which shows it was added 3 days ago. There are currently 60 photo sets and 55 pic sets, 34 in VIDEOS and the rest in ARCHIVE. It's worth mentioning that although the site is fairly new, the latest video included 4 videos so growth should be pretty quick.

The videos are available in both downloadable and streaming Flash, and are shown at 720x400 at good amateur quality. Most played smoothly and look good, especially considering that they were shot by an actual amateur. The videos are all DRM-free, and while they have sound, the guys are mostly quiet, although you can hear the fabric against skin as socks are removed and the models move. The videos are full scenes, but for the most part they are between 3 and 4 minutes long.

The pics at My Str8 Mate's Feet are digital stills - always a plus - and are shown at 566x850 at good amateur quality. The photos capture the guys and their feet very well, with plenty of foot closeups. The only catch is that the thumbs on the galleries are some of the smallest I've seen at a tiny 52x52, which means you might have to squint a bit to figure out what's in each pic. Still, the photos themselves are definitely worth spending some time with.

You can see at a glance that the guys of My St8 M8's Feet are amateurs, not pornstars, and if you're as into regular guys as I am, that's hot. The models are mostly British, ranging from 19 to over 30, and expect variety as there are scallies, business men, and blue collar workers. Not only does each guy show off his bare feet as the camera catches the soles and toes, but there are also plenty of socked feet - guys in athletic socks, sheer dress socks, or even torn up and dirty old socks. While there's no full nudity, and I only saw one model stroking his cock through his undies, you're going to like what you find here if you love straight men's feet or have a sock fetish.

I didn't find any real issues here. Sure, it would be nice if the videos were longer, and very nice if the thumbs on the galleries were bigger (MUCH bigger), but overall this site delivers on its promises and has no navigation issues or anything to distract from all those male feet!

My Str8 M8's Feet delivers the goods, and I give the photographer credit for getting all those amateur straight guys to show off their feet on camera. There are 55 downloadable videos, 60 photo sets and the site adds new content weekly. In fact, this site gets all the important parts right, although I wouldn't mind longer videos of those hot British foot guys. The bottom line - if you love men's feet, especially UK straight guys, My Str8 M8's Feet is definitely worth a look!

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