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It's been over four years since we last reviewed Muscle Worship, so I thought it was worth taking another look inside. The men on this site are massive bodybuilders with jaw-droppingly big muscles - these men definitely turn heads in the streets, even stop traffic. But you need to understand that Muscle Worship is not your typical gay porn site - this is for guys who like looking at very well-built men posing, flexing, and oiling their muscles. It isn't about cock, sex, and cumming, it's about raw muscle.

Having said that, what I found unique and really hot about this site is the dirty talk. As each muscle man rubs and massages his gorgeous, gargantuan muscles, he's talking to you. I watched a movie with handsome hunk Zeb Atlas who is rubbing his hands across his ripped six pack: "For the rest of this night, you are going to be completely helpless," he says. Then he flexes his bulging biceps and kisses them, adding, "Are you getting comfortable? Are you ready to watch me? Are you ready to fall under my complete control?" You can lie back and watch this video and listen to this stunning muscle hunk as he draws you into his fantasy world. It's a unique and hot experience.

The member's area features almost 800 videos in mostly QuickTime streaming format, and that seems to be over 300 more than on our last visit. The videos play at between 640x480 and 720x520, but older videos are about half the screen size. You can't download these movies. And while the numbers sound impressive, many of these sessions are not full scenes - they're segmented into clips with two or three parts, often with no way at a glance to know how many clips are part of the same scene.

The one thing that I have to say about these productions is that there's a lot of thought and creativity put into providing members with an engaging, seductive, and steamy session. These aren't videos where a man is just standing in a gym rubbing his muscles. Music and lighting set the mood and each man is playing a character: in the Zeb Atlas video I watched, he's playing the caretaker of an estate, you're the new landlord, and Zeb is going to take care of you. There's a voice over reading excerpts from an erotic story that sets the scenario for you and heightens the sensuality. It was pretty fucking hot. Then as Zeb shows off and rubs his body, he talks to you about what he wants you to do and how he wants you to worship him.

Some of these men show their cocks, many don't. And that can be a plus or a minus depending on your fetish. Muscle Worship presents you with a sexy and captivating scene, then you sit back and watch awestruck as these bodybuilders flex their massive biceps rubbing, licking and kissing them; then they start oiling up and take you on a visual tour of their hulking frames, all the while talking seductively and forecfully. Most gay porn videos engage you in a passive way, but these Muscle Worship videos make it feel as if they were created just for you and that you're a part of the action.

Aside from the main video section, there's another section called The Dark Side where you'll find drawings, videos, and stories of muscle and bondage / BDSM. There's a Muscle Art section which is a collection of drawings, paintings and other art depicting muscular males. The Muscle Fiction section gives you a couple of hundred erotic stories featuring masculine, bodybuilders, and muscle hunks in a variety of scenarios.

There are a couple of things that I didn't like about Muscle Worship. The videos are not downloadable, so you have to watch them on the site. Longer movies are segmented, so you have to watch them across mulitple parts and there isn't any way to enjoy them as a full movie. There also aren't any photo galleries to speak of us, and for me that's a shame because I really liked many of the videos I watched - they really got me revved up - but I do also enjoy looking at naked men in pictures. The videos are not dated, so I have no idea how often new con tent is added to the library of videos. (Commenters on the previous review complained about the recycling of videos.)

There's a store on the site where you can buy DVDs at a 30% members' discount. Muscle Worship also offers a chat area and a discussion forum. There was no one in the chat room the couple of times I visited the site, and the member's forum was broken, so I couldn't even see inside.

If you like watching bodybuilders and muscle hunks showing off, posing, and flexing, and have a vivid imagination, Muscle Worship is a hot fucking site. Having these men talking directly to you is an engaging and seductive experience. In this regard, Muscle Worship has one upped the competition. If you're new to Muscle Worship, you'll find heaps of videos to satisfy your muscle fetish, but without knowing about their update schedule, you may not stick around once you've exhausted the present offering. Still, Muscle Worship is definitely giving you good value for your membership dollar and it's worth checking out at least for a month, but you may stay longer.

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