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Morphismo puts the focused on morphed pics of big and often muscular men, making them bigger, with a focus on their cocks. The owner explains a little about morphing, which he does himself, and lets members browse samples of the pics. In fact, there are 6 samples per month for a total of over 175 sample pics total, giving potential members a very good idea of what to expect if they join. The site updates with 30 new pics each month, and has been for 31 months. Want to know more about what this site has to offer? Then join me for a look at the member area.

Like the tour, the member area is very easy to use. There's a welcome with an explanation of what morphing is followed by a contact link and a links page, and then are updates for each month. Every month Morphismo adds 30 new morphed pics, and each month has its own gallery page. There are currently a total of 930 pics, which means the site has 31 months of updates listed. There's no way to know on what day of the month updates are done, or whether pics are added on more than one day throughout the month. Now let's take a look at the pics!

The pics at Morphismo are shown at between 285x400 up to 600x900, and many are cropped to odd sizes. The older pics are often grainy or a little blurry, but while I'd consider them below average quality, it's not so much that there's a problem making out the models. The newer pics are mostly better quality - average to good - with no major issues. That being said, some of the pics here are in black and white, and some seem to have been morphed from magazine scans or good quality vidcaps,so those will be a little grainier than the rest.

The models here are a mix of bodybuilders, muscular guys with some extra weight, bears, muscle bears and heavy guys with bellies. There is some gay sex pics, some bodybuilders on stage and pretty much all sorts of stuff going on. Unlike most of the other morphed pic sites I've seen, there seems to be more work here on the cocks than the men's muscles. Sometimes the cocks are fatter, sometimes longer and fatter, and sometimes nudity and cocks are added to pics where the guys were probably wearing posing trunks originally. Some of the heavier guys' arms may have been morphed, but while they do look bigger, they don't look muscled.

Morphismo has no real issues except that already mentioned lack of any way for members to know when each month the new content is added.

Morphismo offers members pics of bodybuilders and other muscled and big men with morphed cocks that are thicker, longer and often uncut. These aren't the biggest morphed dicks I've seen - they're larger than the real thing unless you're very lucky, but not as long as say your arm. The site adds 30 pics each month, and quality varies depending on the age and source of the photos. The bottom line: If you're into morphed pics or fantasize about pro muscle men and other big dudes showing their extra large poles, and aren't looking for videos or high quality images, Morphismo could well be worth a visit.

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