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Reviewed by on 13 Sep 2007

35 score out of 100
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If you love to see guys in tight spandex and lycra, Men In Spandex is a site that should interest you. There are very few sites featuring men in tight athletic clothes, so we're always happy to find a new one. The tour shows plenty of guys in tight spandex, their bulges emphasized by the tight fabric. The tour also says they feature guys getting out of their sweaty neoprene after competitions. This sounds pretty good so let's check out the member area and see some Men In Spandex.

The Men In Spandex main member page has the site logo on the upper left, the menu on the upper right part of the page and a brief welcome on the lower left. There are no updates or other info on the page, so let's get right to it. The menu has 13 categories of pics and a link to videos so first let's go check out some spandex videos.

There are 17 video clips inside Men in Spandex ranging from 2 seconds to just over 2 minutes. The 2 second clip is a runner running in a race. There are two videos of different athletes toweling off while naked and in public after a bicycle race. One of these videos is 41 seconds and the other is 48 seconds long.

For all that they are brief, the public videos are pretty hot. It's not often I get to see men surrounded by other racers simply get naked and dry off, showing their cocks and asses to anyone nearby. I've always liked public nudity pics and videos and if you feel the same, these videos do have something to offer there isn't that much of.

The videos are all WMVs and are of very different quality. One video I watched is amateur quality, streaming at 304k and shown at a screen size of 320x240. Another streams at over 1062k and is shown at 352x288. The public spandex stripping videos are a little on the blurry side, but that's pretty normal with this kind of real shot-in-public movies. There are also 2 men masturbating in tight stretchy spandex, each video cut into 3 clips.

Men in Spandex has 13 pic categories including speedos, locker room and nude. Each category is basically one ongoing pic gallery of unrelated pics. There are no series galleries here showing one guy or one group in many pics. Instead there are many pics, but only one or two of each particular guy.

Each gallery page has 9 pics on it. Track and Field has only one page of 9 pics, but it has a next button that leads to the page you're already on. Speedos has 6 pages of pics - a total of 54 photos. There are 19 pages of photos in Spandex F.U.N. - there is a page 20 but it doesn't actually have any thumbs or pics.

The pics in Men in Spandex are mostly pretty small - around 300x400 pixels. The quality of a lot of the photos is amateur to low and some of the photos seem to be taken from newspapers or magazines. There are many pics of guys wearing spandex workout clothes, although the nude section shows 9 pics of a large group of guys racing in the nude - no spandex there - and the shower section shows guy showering. Naturally they aren't wearing any spandex.

There are some photos that really concentrate on the bulge caused by a man's cock being trapped in spandex and others that are older pics that were taken before spandex existed. And there are lots of pics of athletes in action or posing - the rowing section has plenty of small groups of guys wearing spandex and posing or receiving awards.

One thing worth mentioning here is that there is an updates section in the main member menu. When you go to the updates page you will find a listing of undated additions. Each update on the page is only 9 pics and there is no way to know how frequently new content is added to Men in Spandex.

Spandex fetishists, take note - Men in Spandex does indeed have a fairly good collection of pics of athletic guys wearing spandex and wearing nothing at all. There is a smallish but good collection of brief videos in many different qualities. The pics are on the small side and the videos are pretty short, so I find the site to be on the pricy side. Still there is a reasonably priced trial membership you can use to try out the site. If you love seeing men encased in tight stretchy lycra and spandex you should probably be sure and check out Men in Spandex.

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