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Man's Best is a European studio that began production in the 1990s and has filmed close to 1,000 full-length movies with legendary directors like Rolf Hammerschmidt, Vlado Iresch, Jamie Hendrix and Alex Schnegr. Man's Best was hugely popular, selling millions of VHS tapes and later DVDs when the format took over. The production house's entire catalog has been purchased by gay porn company Staxus, and they're digitizing the content and featuring it on the Man's Best membership site, which already offers over 350 videos.

The guys at Man's Best run the gamut from twinks to muscle hunks, and of course, they're mostly European (Czech with some Slovaks, Germans and Polish guys in the newest films), and that means lots of of uncut cocks for foreskin lovers. So you'll find lots of slim bodies, some skinny and others more athletic, many other guys have more muscle definition, and there are even quite a few sporting hunky bodies. You'll have to keep in mind that these scenes were filmed all through the 1990s and early aughts, so while you might be used to seeing trimmed pubes and shaved nuts and butt holes in today's porn, grooming trends have changed a lot over the last two and a half decades.

The guys suck and fuck in every conceivable location from bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens, backyards, poolside and woodland clearings. I saw guys fucking on a boat, others at the office and small groups of lads banging in dirty playrooms. There are two dozen solos, over 60 threeways, and close to three dozen scenes featuring small groups, which means that most of the action is guy-on-guy duos. And it's not all vanilla, either; there is some kinky action, too, like dildo fucking, foot and sneaker play, spanking, bondage, blindfolds, rough sex plus military and other uniformed action, although Man's Best is not a kink or BDSM site by any means. Almost all of the Man's Best original content features condom sex, but the new productions are exclusively bareback.

The latest video features two soldiers on duty cleaning up a toilet; they get bored, as soldiers usually do, and end up stripping out of their uniforms and fuck over the sink. The next video has two guys out for a boat ride; they anchor and fuck to the gentle swaying of the waves. A pair of fuck buddies get together in the third video, and one blows the other, then gets raw fucked in a chair. And in a fourth one, seven guys have sex in a field - it starts with one guy getting strapped against a tree, then the performers break into smaller pairings and trios and suck and fuck in the open air.

Before talking about the videos, I want to address the two kinds of memberships you can purchase. There's an unlimited streaming membership where you can watch however much you want during the 30, 90 or 365 days of your plan. If you want to be able to download videos, too, you'll want to look at their premium memberships that costs an extra $10 on the 30 day plan and includes both unlimited downloads and streaming. I don't download movies very much anymore, so I liked having the option of a cheaper, streaming-only membership, but for those who prefer to download the vids for later, the premium membership is a nice option to have.

There are 358 videos so far at Man's Best, one of the highest offerings I've ever seen for a new site. The older videos stream at 648x494 while the newer ones play at 654x370, but you'll want to watch these newest ones in full-screen mode as they're bright and crisp. The remastered classics weren't bad in full-screen mode - they weren't great, but I've seen a lot worst. The older releases are offered in two downloadable versions in MP4 at 960x720 and 640x480; the new productions are also in MP4 format and offered in a full HD version at 1920x1090, an HD version at 1280x720, and a smaller one at 852x480. There's no DRM, so anything you download is yours to keep, and the smaller vids should be good for most mobiles.

Man's Best updates three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the three updates include two remastered classics and one new production. These are full scenes and they come with a description (although no cast listing) and a small gallery of a dozen or so pictures. These are a mix of digital stills and screencaps and they display in a viewing slider, but there's no hands-free slideshow. You can save the pictures individually or download set in zip files.

There aren't too many negatives at Man's Best. You will automatically be signed up for their email list unless you deselect the option on the join page. The productions aren't in English and I didn't see any subtitles on the movies I watched. Finally, you'll have to remember going in that Man's Best started producing content in 1992, so you'll have to expect varying levels of quality, although most of what I saw was pretty good.

Man's Best is a great opportunity to see some content from years gone by along with brand new stuff being produced today. Man's Best gives you the best of both worlds - older, probably new-to-you content in new digitized formats. And I was impressed with the quality, it was quite good considering the videos were filmed over a couple of decades with different kinds of equipment; in fact, a lot of the content looked better than the brand new stuff I see on other sites. Regardless, Man's Best isn't expensive to join and it offers three updates a week, so you really can't go wrong. And if you like Euro boys and studs, uncut cocks and lots of sucking and fucking, you should be pretty happy with the offering here, I know I was.

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