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Man Crunch is a dating / personals site that puts the focus on relationships, although you can find Mr. Right Now there, as well as Mr. Right. The site has a motto that also gives an idea of their focus: "Putting the MAN back in Romance". There's a search form plus pics of a variety of the members - hunks, regular guys, slender college types, daddies - so there's plenty of variety. Things that stood out for me before signing up were a professional, easy to navigate design, a link to see the company president and an easy to use FAQ page that includes things like how to contact them, what to do if you forget your password, and why a profile or photo may be denied. There's also information on "Safe Dating." Overall the site seems well thought-out.

After signing up for a free membership, and creating a basic profile, I did a few searches. Since I live near West Hollywood, I got over 1000 results. When I fine-tuned my searches and required a pic for each guy in my results, I still got hundreds. And the men were as varied as the pics on the tour page indicated. Quite a few were guys I wouldn't mind dating (or more), and some seemed like guys who would be fun to hang out with. There was a 47-year-old daddy with a sexy, weathered look who's into camping; a bodybuilder; a very cute college boy with a few extra pounds; a bald biker type, and the list goes on. Results for my area included black guys, white guys and Latinos, although there were some Asian guys, as well.

Unlike some personals sites, Man Crunch lets free members check out other members' profiles, which not only makes for a more interesting browsing experience, but makes it easier to figure out if each guy is someone who interests you. Free members can also sort their search results by distance from the zip code or city you specify, popular members, newest members and age, and also which of your results have logged in the most recently. Free members can send private messages through the site's email system, but must first upload a picture. And free members can send "flirts" to members who interest them to get noticed. All of these features for free members are not all that common, and definitely make free memberships fun and interesting.

So let's talk about what free members must upgrade to paid memberships to do or use. First off, free members get limited messaging, where paid members get can send all the messeges they want. Paid members - called premium members - get listed higher in the search results, and their listings are highlighted so they stand out better. They can chat live with other members, which can be hot if you find the right guy. Premium members also get exclusive access to the site's newest members and a badge. Last, and this can be fun, premium members get credits when they sign up, and these allow them to send "gifts", which are little graphics to perk up the messages they send to other members.

I liked Man Crunch more than a lot of dating sites I've visited recently. One reason is that the site doesn't seem to be the unloved gay section of a large straight dating site, and it's also got a sleek, attractive design. Something else I liked - no ads! That's right, other than having upgrade links, free members won't find themselves looking at a bunch of banners. I liked the search results and the site features. And if you want to find out if there are men in your area without spending money, no problem - that's what the free membership is for. Man Crunch has a lot to offer, and is well worth spending some time exploring if you're looking to meet new men.

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