Man Avenue

Reviewed by on 6 Mar 2012

72 score out of 100
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Most of the models on the tour of Man Avenue range from lean and athletic to muscular, and you'll find both hunks and bodybuilders there. I'd say that even the amateur guys there are in better shape than the" everyday men" who live in my neighborhood -- and they're a lot hotter, too. There's a mix of smooth and hairy guys here, and the models' ages seem to range from their 20's to their 30's, with an occasional daddy in his early 40's.

The focus here is a mix of stripping, flexing and masturbation. In many cases, the muscle hunks do some posing before they grab their cocks and get to work on them, but that description doesn't do justice to the videos. Imagine a masculine man with a hard dick flexing his bulging muscles, giving us a show like you'd get in an amateur bodybuilding content, but naked. This gets the testosterone flowing for what comes next - muscle hunks jerking off.

Some guys watch what sounds like straight porn while they stroke their dicks while others just go for it. There are some nice outdoor shoots here, although some of them only start outdoors and move indoors when it comes to the action. And there are now some gay hardcore scenes, as well - not tons, but enough to get the juices flowing.

The site has grown to 319 updates, which is 265 more than there were 4 years ago. Not all the updates include videos, but most do - I'd approximate there are 300 DRM-free videos. The newer videos are HD, shown in WMV at 1280x720 and in M4V at 960x540 plus a smaller size for iPhone/iPod. While the oldest vids are offered as clips, most of the videos can be downloaded or streamed as full scenes. Although the videos are mostly good amateur quality, all had bitrates that were on the low side for their size which lowered quality a little.

Each episode comes with a set of pics. These are mostly digital stills, mostly of fairly good amateur quality, and sizes very greatly even within each individual shoot, but most of the photos except for the oldest are sized around 500x750. The pics aren't quite as well lit as the videos, and sometimes lacked a little sharpness, and I did run into a few sets that mixed screencaps in with digital stills. Overall the pics showed off the men pretty well.

Man Avenue does not offer any bonus content or extras, and good news is that I didn't find any real issues inside the site. The only thing worth mentioning is the link to Video On Demand, which leads outside the site to a pay per view video site.

Man Avenue definitely delivers on what their tour promises. You'll find all the well-built amateur guys and muscle men from the tour inside the member area showing off their bods and stroking their cocks. The site updates once a week with a new video, the downloadable videos are large and fairly good amateur quality or better, and all the content here is exclusive. My only quibbles are minor. If watching athletic guys, hunks and bodybuilders jacking off (and a few sucking cock and fucking) sounds good to you, why not check out the tour of Man Avenue and see more of what they have to offer.

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