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Male Reality is not, as the name suggests, a reality site where guys are lured into a bus by a big-breasted woman. Instead, this site gives us fantasy-based action from a variety of real-life scenarios like sex at the office or gym, massage table rubdowns that get very hot, group blowjobs or older men playing with younger guys. There are a almost dozen different recurring themes, so let's get inside and take a look.

Male Reality is produced in Europe with a mixture of twinks, jocks, and muscle hunks ranging from 18 to early 30s. Because of the variety of themes, the guys appearing in each differ as well. For instance, Office Twinks features younger guys in their early 20s with smooth and slender bodies but many are too well defined to be true twinks. The stud and jock-like guys in Buff Boys are sporting muscled and ripped bodies. Daddy Loves Twinks brings older and younger guys together and there were a couple of men, perhaps in their early forties, who I would call daddies, but the others were muscle men in their thirties.

Regardless of the theme, the guys here are generally smooth. I saw treasure trails and a few performers had a bit of hair on their chests, fuzzy bellies or a few sprigs around their nipples, but there aren't very many hairy guys here. As well, the guys are mostly clean shaven and just about all of them are uncut. You'll find a mix of regular porn performers who often use different names, as many Eastern European performers do, but there are also heaps of fresh faces I didn't recognize.

As I mentioned, Male Reality has recurring themes, which are actually a series of DVDs with each line having multiple parts: Men in Uniform, Gay Massage, Office Twinks, Gaykakke, My Boyfriend Is Gay, Daddy Loves Twinks, Gay Gapes, Too Big For Twinks, Gay Frat House, Gay Camping and Buff Boys. The action is all hardcore with lots of sucking, rimming, fucking, and guys shooting jizz on each other. The guys play at the gym, on the massage table, at the office, or outdoors; there are bottoms taking on humongous cocks, blowing circles of men, having sex with daddies or their uniformed buddies. All of the fucking seems to be with condoms, I didn't see any bareback sex.

Male Reality opened with 40 videos taken from DVDs produced by Mile High Media, so these aren't exclusive videos. That being said, Mile High Media began production in 2011, so the content is still fresh. And frankly, with a mostly European cast, I found that I hadn't even seen most of these guys. All the videos I watched featured guys who could speak English - thick accents and broken English, sometimes just a few words to get us into the sex - but I didn't see any scenes with subtitles, however I didn't watch every one.

The videos are offered in 7 sizes of downloadable MP4 from a very small 316x178 to a super large 1920x1080 and five other sizes in between. There's also one size of downloadable WMV at 720x400. These are well-produced videos, and they're well-encoded so the picture quality is sharp and clear and the videos have good sound. You can also stream the videos in 7 qualities of MP4 but they all play at 1170x650 with varying picture quality depending on the bitrate you selected. The highest quality streaming vids have good playback results with little loss of quality, although again, results depends on the bitrate you selected.

Each episode comes with a set of pics. These are good quality digital stills sized at 1280x1920 that can be viewed as thumbnail galleries, enjoyed as hands-free slideshows or downloaded in zip files. Each set offers 250 to 300 pics, which means some repetition, but overall I really liked the pictures.

The episodes are dated and the tour claims twice-weekly updates, but during the initial ramp-up they loaded one video per day, and now they're updating every other day. The coming soon section shows all of the next month's upcoming videos, which is unusual to see, and this confirms two updates a week. We'll check back in a few weeks and let you know how things are going.

There are a couple of things I should warn you about. First, there's a pre-checked offer on the join page that will sign you up for a second site membership, which you can opt out of easily enough. And second, trial memberships may be limited, but the site doesn't say for sure that they are or give details on what the limitations might be.

The only other negative thing is that I did have trouble watching the very largest videos. At 1920x1080 and almost 7 Mbps, my computer labored to play them. I have encountered this before as my computer isn't as robust as it needs to be for these high-quality movies, but there are six other video options and I was able to watch all of those with no problems.

I like Eastern European men - they're one of my horniest fetishes - so I was pretty happy with the gang of sexy performers at Male Reality. I didn't love every single one, but a lot of them did get me very turned me on. And then there's the uncut cocks - gosh, so much foreskin. I did see a lot of guys who I've recognized from other Euro sites, and I enjoyed seeing them again even thought most have different names. I liked the variety of themes - nearly a dozen - and the site alternates them to keep things exciting. Finally, the number of video options and the quality of the movies themselves is impressive. Male Reality is off to a good start and if they live up to their updating promises, this should evolve into a great site.

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