Male Foot Domination

Reviewed by on 7 Dec 2010

66 score out of 100
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Here's one for all you foot lovers out there. The site is called Male Foot Domination, and the tour features muscle men with sweaty feet sniffing their athletic shoes, sucking and licking toes, bondage, armpit sniffing, humiliation and sock and foot play. There's also solo guys showing off their shod, socked or naked feet for the camera. The men seem to be really into kinky fun, and the the site promises weekly updates, HD videos, hi-res pics and a forum. Sound good? Then join me for a look inside the Male Foot Domination member area!

The member home page is clean and easy to use. There are links running across the top of the page followed by the latest updates - the most recent video, solo photo set and action photo set, each shown with a good selection of foot-oriented thumbs. There are no dates shown anywhere, so no way to know exactly when updates are added. There are also no misleading links or banners, but it is worth mentioning that not all the pics from each set are shown on the page - I suggest members go to the pic sections to see the full sets.

The Male Foot Domination videos are offered in 2 qualities of streaming Flash, both shown at about 710x400. The high quality look good at their original size, although there is some loss of sharpness at full screen, and I'd say that the "normal" quality videos are average quality. I would stick with the higher quality vids unless you're on a lower speed broadband connection that doesn't allow you to play the movies smoothly. Two things worth mentioning - the videos are not offered for download, and Firefox users may want to play them in Internet Explorer since I was unable to go full screen in Firefox but had no problem in IE.

Each video comes with a set of pics. You can see 5 or 6 pics from each set on the corresponding video page, but you can find galleries in 2 sections that offer the full pic sets - Models and Action Galleries. The pictures are good quality and definitely focus on the feet. The vertical pics are shown at 400x600, the horizontal pics larger at 800x536, and they are sharp and clear. I was disappointed that there were no slideshows and that the pics aren't downloadable in zip files, however you can save each pic separately - and chances are good you'll find some photos worth saving.

Most of the men are masculine and athletic, while some are slender but still fit. This isn't your average porn site - you'll find guys showing off and playing with their athletic shoes, socked and bare feet, men sniffing and licking hairy armpits, wrestling and plenty of foot and shoe play including sniffing, licking and slapping. What you won't find is gay sex or full nudity, but for those who love feet, shoes, humiliation and armpits, you'll like the action.

I did run into some issues. First off, some tour claims are not met - namely the ones that offer members HD videos, hi res pics and a forum. Next is an issue with the videos. I was unable to fast forward or rewind the videos, even to a part where they were already loaded. This is the only site I've ever reviewed where this was the case with the streaming videos, and what it means is that at least in the videos I watched you will have to watch the entire videos all the way through. And last is the lack of update dates already mentioned.

Male Foot Domination's content is hot, as are the men. Each of the models does a solo pic set, so expect plenty of foot, shoe and sock play, and then there are the 2-guy pic sets and videos. These offer all sorts of foot and toe sucking and licking, armpit play, bondage, wrestling and men forced to smell dirty shoes and socks, as well as sweaty feet, as humiliation. While the guys aren't fully naked, I think anyone into kink is going to like it. The catch is that while the videos look good, they're not offered for download. Also the site isn't large yet, and there's no dates on the updates, but the price is right. For those into kink - gay foot fetish, male armpits, wrestling, guys in athletic gear, bondage and humiliation, Male Foot Domination is definitely worth a look.

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