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Male Feet 4 U is the creation of well-known gay porn director and photographer William Higgins. The site features Euro boys from 18 to 30, and the focus is on the guys showing off and playing with their feet. They are a mix of cuties, average guys, scruffy boys, jocks, and smooth twinks, and they range from clean cut to scruffy and casual. There's a mix of slender guys and those with more muscular bodies, some of whom our full-on hunks. Many of the guys are smooth, some of them sport tattoos, and I found some who wear glasses.

Believe me, this site definitely focuses on feet - feet in shoes, sandals or in socks, as well as bare feet in closeups showing toes and soles. Some models suck their own toes, One thing worth mentioning, although not necessarily a problem for real foot lovers is that not all the models get fully naked, which means guys wearing their undies while showing off their toes. Of the ones who do show cock, there's no masturbation, but the cock that is shown here is often uncut. And many of the photo sets also include some armpit shots - good ones, too, for those into men's pits.

Male Feet 4 U has grown a lot since last year, not surprising since the site adds four videos and four photo sets each week. There are currently 1,137 videos which are downloadable and DRM-free. Each video is offered in WMV format and are also offered as MP4 vids. The newer WMVs are sized at 1280x720, the older ones are sized at 720x480, and the MP4s are offered at 960x544. The videos are good amateur quality or better, the newer vids tending to be a little sharper and clearer than the oldest ones. And the newest videos are only available in MP4 format, the larger vid sized in full HD at 1920x1080. The site's MP4s should be good for those on tablets or newer mobiles (older mobiles may require smaller videos). And for those who prefer to watch rather than download, each video is also available as a streaming MP4.

Now let's talk about the 1,520 Male Feet 4 U galleries. The photos are digital stills shown at about 1000x1400, and depending on which set you're checking out, quality varies from average to good amateur. The pics really put the focus on the guys' feet, showing the models' feet in shoes, then in socks and finally bare with plenty of closeups from different angles. There are also plenty of pics of each guy from head to toe, so expect plenty of cock shots, as well as those armpit shots mentioned earlier. The pictures can be browsed as a gallery, downloaded as zip files, or watched as hands-free slideshows.

One interesting feature here is that members can request their "dream set." For a small fee, you can request your favorite model to appear in pictures to match your fantasy. You can ask for your fantasy scenario including things like location, clothes, trampling fruit, etc. The model will say your name during the video. If they can deliver, they will send you your dream set within 10 days, and there are a growing number of dream sets inside Male Feet 4 U.

Does the site have any issues? Only a few. First is that there's a pre-checked email offer on the join page. Next, and the thing that frustrated me the most is that you can only navigate one page back or forward at a time, and that means a LOT of clicking to get to the oldest content. Luckily the guys are worth it, but pagination would really improve things. Last, although the site offers a search box, no matter what term I tried - feet, uncut, European, uncut, and toes - I got two results for feet and no results for the other terms. I was hoping this would be fixed by now.

Male Feet 4 U delivers plenty of European twinks, jocks, and amateurs from 18 to 27 showing off their feet in photos and downloadable videos. The content is good quality, in particular the big, beautiful, DRM-free videos, and there are now four videos and four pic sets added per week. The guys range from average dudes and regular boys next door to very cute, and the focus here is very much on feet and the models. With 1,137 videos and 1,520 galleries, there's a lot to keep members happy. I enjoyed watching the Euro boys at Male Feet 4 U as they stripped to underwear or fully nude and showed off and played with their feet, and I'm sure male foot lovers will really enjoy what the site has to offer.

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