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Making Gay Porn started out as a site that let members behind the scenes at Hot Desert Knights porn shoots. Not only do those videos show all the action - bareback fucking, fisting, sucking, jacking off - but this site also lets you see and hear the director and camera man working with the performers. We found out what REALLY happens on the set when the studio makes gay videos. We saw the camera man as he lit up those closeups of cocks pounding asses, and got to see and hear the director - often Hot Desert Knights star Ray Butler - as he told the performers what do to, how to pose and how to act. The videos included out takes, bloopers, deleted scenes featuring the stars of the studio, including Will West, Steve Hurley, Steve Parker and Jeff Palmer.

All of those videos are still there, and they are well worth watching. There were other videos, as well - sort of photo slideshows done on video. And now there's a third kind of video, based on a change in what HDK has to offer. The newer videos don't show the director, the crew, the bloopers. They're more extended versions of the new videos, showing us action that may be cut in the final DVD versions. And they can be very hot scenes, offering plenty of barebacking and more foreskin than the older scenes. But these movies are entirely different types of productions - more minimalist, less crew, lighting and plot; the new content doesn't offer what made Making Gay Porn a unique site. The newer videos offer plenty of barebacking, and while you won't see world-famous porn stars in many scenes, there's more uncut cocks.

Making Gay Porn has grown to 240 DRM-free videos, double what the site offered 3 years ago, and a new video is added once a week. All the vids are available in WMV format, and shown at either 640x480 or around 720x400 at good amateur quality or better. Every video also includes a mobile version in MP4 format that play on iPod, iPhone and Android, as well as other cell phones and portables. The newest movies have a bigger and better MP4 version, which are shown in HD at 1280x720 and look good. Most of vids are also available to stream in either WMV or Flash format. As mentioned, some of the oldest videos are photo slideshows, but most of the movies here are full scenes.

Members will also find 112 pic sets in the PHOTOS section. These are digital stills, most shown good-sized at 997x1500, although some of the landscape photos are smaller. Quality is mostly good amateur, some pics a little over-sharpened and some lacking a hint of clarity, but overall the pics are good stuff that can be watched as hands-free slideshows or downloaded in zip files. Most of the videos also come with a set of average quality screencaps, which are useful for previewing the action.

When it comes to extras, I think members will be pretty happy. The bonus sites are not only from the same network, but the content is also all from Hot Desert Knights. Expect the same type of models and action, which means not only the classic HDK leather men, daddies and hunks, but also many of the videos that helped define the brand. There are also lots of the newer videos, featuring less personality and dungeon action, but still plenty of barebacking. There's also a collection of mixed gay feeds plus 3 Asian bareback videos.

Let's talk issues. First off is a pre-checked offer on the join page to join a second gay porn site, so be sure to read it before you join. Next, I was disappointed that the articles that the site used to offer (about things like how to make a dick look bigger and how to film a cumshot) are no longer available. The photo section has not updated in over a year, although each video comes with a set of screencaps, but it's not really the same.

One last thing you might want to know. Although the category list on the SEARCH page is mostly pretty good, you won't find a fisting category. Good news, though, is that if you type "fist" in the search box on the left, you will get a list of pics and videos that include fisting action.

Making Gay Porn delivers 240 videos and adds a new one every week. The older content takes you backstage at real Hot Desert Knights porn shoots, and many show not only the stars in action but also the director telling them what to do and other behind the scenes stuff. The newer videos are a bit different - they offer plenty of man-on-man barebacking in extended versions of the movies, but you won't see world-famous porn stars, leather and kink, or the director and the crew. Still, with the fun and sexy older content, plus all the other Hot Desert Knights bonus sites, I'd say that Making Gay Porn can be well worth checking out.

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