Kinky Angels

Reviewed by on 2 Jun 2011

68 score out of 100
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Kinky Angels is a new site from G. Duroy, the same man who brought us Bel Ami Online. Featuring the same beautiful, fresh-faced and very horny jocks you'll find in his other site, this one has something unique to its approach. Instead of simply joining a site or paying to view a video, Kinky Angels offers a new kind of format in buy-to-own. Each episode is an in-depth DVD-length collection starring one of these hot young men (plus friends) in a sex scene, a solo jerkoff, an interview, pics, 'posters', a profile and a behind the scenes video. And the action and the photography is as hot as the boys - and often romantic, as well. Ready for more? Then join me for a closer look at Kinky Angels!

Kinky Angels isn't a membership site, so there's no actual member area, but you can preview the boys sucking, fucking, playing and stroking for the camera. Each episode - called an issue - can be bought separately, or one can buy all 5 of the current episodes plus two future episodes, and Bel Ami members get a discount. Once paid for, you can go download all the content by entering the episode or episodes and clicking each section. The site adds a new episode every 2 weeks, and you can save every video and pic from any episode you buy. Now let's talk about the content.

Each video is offered for download in several options: Quicktime , WMV and 2 sizes of M4V, one for iPad and one for mobiles. The Quicktime vids are available in full HD, which is the biggest and best the site has to offer. These are shown at 1920x1080 at 7.5 Mbps, which is as high a bitrate as a commercial DVD. Next are the iPad vids, offered in M4V and shown at 1280x720 with a bitrate of around 3.6 Mbps. The WMV's are shown at 960x540 at 2.8 Mbps and the mobile vids are M4V's shown at 640x360 at a bit over 1.5 Mbps. All the videos are either good or very good quality, and are free of DRM.

There are 2 photo sections - a gallery and a small set of posters. The posters are available in a zip file, and these are quite large - 3500x3500 or a bit larger. Some are very high quality but a couple I found were actually pretty grainy. Each set of snapshots are digital stills, shown at about 470x700 in the galleries, and offered larger in the downloadable zip files.

Now let's talk about what you're really here to read about - the guys! If you're familiar with Bel Ami Online, you already know about the boys, but for those who aren't, these are the most beautiful and horny Euro jocks and twinks around. Plenty of uncut cocks, great attitudes and they seem to be having a blast jerking off with buddies, sucking dick, rimming, fucking and getting off. These are not the jaded, underpaid 18 to 20-somethings found at some sites. They're fresh, fun and cute, and everything is first rate from the locations to the lighting and camera work. The videos catch the action perfectly, with plenty of well-done closeups from the pre-sex to the cumshots.

Here are couple things thing worth mentioning. First is that when you buy an episode - or all the episodes - you are given online access for 120 days, which is ample time to download your content. Second, if you decide you want to buy all the episodes, it is actually cheaper to join Bel Ami Online to get the discount when buying all the Kinky Angels episodes.

Kinky Angels offers downloadable content of stunningly beautiful young men sucking, jerking and stroking their cocks - not to mention "making of" videos, pics and a profile. Each episode offers a sex video, masturbation video, documentary and some more goodies, and these videos are not only DRM-free, they're HUGE - although there are also mobile versions. You can pay for each episode separately, and each one is basically a DVD, or you can pay for 7 episodes. While this site doesn't offer as much content as membership sites, if you're looking for quality that make these videos worth saving carefully or burning to disk, this is the place to be. To summarize: truly gorgeous Euro jocks and twinks, uncut cocks, hardcore gay sex, great big downloadable videos. Sound good? Then why not check out Kinky Angels!

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