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Kallamacka offers horny British and European skinheads and scallies in hardcore gay action - sometimes very hardcore. The theme here seems to be the pairing of bottom boys on the submissive side (although still skinheads in most cases) and tough boy tops with attitude who are very masculine and very aggressive. There are some versatile guys, as well, including UK pornstar Kai Cruz. The action here includes a lot of rough sex plus fetishy stuff like dirty sneaker and sock worship, forced sex and smoking. And good news - there's plenty of uncut cocks here.

There are currently 46 videos, but the site has added 2 videos since our last visit 9 months ago. The videos are offered in streaming Flash, and are shown at around 640x480 at good amateur quality or better. There's also a low res version of each video, shown at 480x360, but I don't recommend these unless you're on very slow broadband as the quality is fairly low. The videos play smoothly and have good sound, but unfortunately they're not available for download.

Kallamacka's STARS section is a model index where you'll find all 25 of their performers, each with his own page. The pages include a profile, short description of the guy, plus links o his videos and all but one include a link to a gallery of solo pics. The gallery shows only a single photo at a time - no thumbs or other way to preview, you must simply click to the next page over and over. The pics are often from more than one shoot, and are mostly sexy or nude photos shown at around 420x630, most at good quality.

Kallamacka is not a member site - it's an online rental site where those with a free membership must buy tickets and can then rent each video they're interested in for a 24 hour period. Tickets can be used for Kallamacka videos plus vids from 5 other sites in the same network.

Members can browse content from the 5 other sites, which are Sneaker Sex, Staxus, Kink Force, Young Bastards and Spritzz. Some of the models appear in multiple sites, so while the sites have different themes, there's similarities as far as the guys and types of guys. It's also handy that tickets bought at any of the sites can be used interchangeably on all of them.

I did run into a couple issues beside the lack of updates. When you click on the link to rent a video, there's no confirmation, so be sure not to click by accident. The other thing worth mentioning is that videos in the download section are only downloadable if you pay the price of a full DVD to get them - you can't use your tickets to download them to watch as a 24 hour rental. And at a price of up to $59.95 each, these aren't exactly impulse buys.

Kallamacka puts submissive bottom boys and aggressive tops together, so expect plenty of rough sex, shoe and sock worship, forced sex and more, not to mention plenty of foreskin. The videos are good quality, and when you rent one you can watch it as much as you like for a 24 hour period. If you only want to watch a few videos, this can be cheaper than a subscription website, and of course there are no rebills, although I prefer to join a site myself as most allow downloads. There are 46 videos here, plus lots more in the other network sites, although this site doesn't update. Still, if you're looking for Euro bad boys - scallies and skinheads - Kallamacka and the other sites in the network definitely deliver the goods!

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