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For those of you with a medical fetish, here's a site right up your alley. It's called Jock Physical, and as you probably figured out, it shows mostly athletic guys getting a very thorough physical exam in a very real-looking exam room by a white-coated "doctor." The tour gives a pretty good idea of what to expect inside the member area, and I love the recent claim: "Now more medically invasive than ever!" The videos here include a nice long medical-style exam using real equipment, which can be humiliating for the models, although in some sessions, the exams also seemed to be quite stimulating.

Many vids start with an interview clip - often 8 minutes or longer - and then we get to the exam itself, which is over 10 minutes in all the videos I watched - sometimes quite a bit over. The patient moves to a regular medical exam table to be examined by the doctor. We don't see all of the doctor, but we see part of his white coat and rubber-gloved hands. He competently checks ears, chest, feels the throat glands, palpates the stomach. He tests reflexes, then examines the patient's balls carefully and does a hernia check. Then it's time for the patient to get on his knees on the table to get his temperature taken rectally and get a prostate exam, which means a couple fingers up his ass. And then, finally, the patient is told to masturbate and ejaculate into the sample collector - which leads to a nicely done jerkoff session. Most of these are well done - you'd almost believe you were watching the guys get real physical exams.

Jock Physical has grown to 232 exclusive DRM-free videos, the 106 most recent also including pic sets. The site adds 2 videos every week - 1 on Tuesdays and 1 on Fridays, so members can expect 8 new episodes every week. The videos are available in 2 formats; the vids are sized at either 1280x720 (newer vids) or 720x404 (older vids). While the movies here used to be broken into 3 parts, they are now offered as downloadable full scenes, and you can also watch the streaming versions. The older vids are amateur quality, the newer are good amateur quality, and the sound is pretty good.

In 2013 the site has also started adding a set of pics for each video. These are average quality screencaps sized at the same size as the vids, and they really help preview the action, although to be fair, each scene has a long, juicy description.

The site doesn't offer pics or bonus content, but it does have a link to the blog. While the blog isn't only open to members, parts of it are interesting. Not only does it function as an updates page, showing each episode's date, but also has some interesting info about finding and working with the patients, giving the exams, etc.

If you're looking for a medical fantasy site, Jock Physical delivers real amateur jocks getting very realistic physical exams. As far as the fantasy goes, the 286 videos deliver the goods very well. While the few other sites of this type I've seen go a bit over the top, this one shows the guys, vulnerable and naked as they are poked, prodded, examined in every way. Twice weekly updates, nice long descriptions of the action and model profiles round out the site nicely along with the blog. The videos are downloadable and offered in MP4 as well as Flash, thanks to a responsive site owner, and a new search function has been added, as well. Jock Physical has a lot to offer if you have a medical fetish or like the idea of watching amateur college-aged guys getting realistic medical examinations.

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