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Impossible Gay Cocks says they're all extremely large monster cocks and the guys doing their best to take it all. The performers are a mix of white guys and Latinos, along with a few black men, most in their twenties and early thirties. There are some well-built hunks, guys with average bodies and some who are slender, and there are some with a few extra pounds on them. Some of the performers have smooth bodies, while others are lightly hairy, and there are both tattooed models and guys who aren't inked. I'm guessing that many of performers here are porn regulars, as I see some familiar faces, but there are probably some amateurs in the mix, as well, and the majority seem to be from the U.S. Most of the tops do have some extra inches swinging between their thighs, and some of those cocks are nice and fat; I'm happy to report that some are uncut as well.

There are hardcore duos, as well as some threesomes, and there are also some solo sessions thrown into the mix. The action is hot, as the guys seem to be really into it, and many of the scenes start off with a little intro where the guys meet, and sometimes they chat with the director a little before the hung guys surprise the unsuspecting bottoms with their big dicks. Things move pretty fast from there and it doesn't take long before you see the bottoms trying to get their lips around one or more big cocks. Of course, there's plenty of serious ass plowing, too. The solo scenes are pretty simple: after stripping for the camera, the guys stroke their cocks, each with their own style.

At the time of this review there were 73 videos inside the Impossible Gay Cocks member area. The updates are dated, making it appear that there's a new video added every four to twelve days. The site has been removing their oldest, smaller videos, but I'm not sure if they're remastering them and re-adding them as updates or adding new updates - my guess is they're re-adding the remastered vids.

The videos are DRM-free, and are offered in MP4 format. The downloadable versions are available in 2 sizes, the larger either at 1280x720 or 640x48, and the smaller at 480x272 for mobiles. It's worth noting that each video has two links to smaller MP4s, but in reality both links lead to the same video. Each vid can also be streamed for those who want to watch without downloading. There is a series of small screenshots right below the video player, and clicking one takes you to the respective part in the video. The vids are average to good amateur quality with fairly good sound. They're not exclusive - I think they have been pulled from a DVD series.

Impossible Gay Cocks offers 196 picture sets. The pics are digital stills, the ones marked HD sized at 1067x1600 and the rest at 600x800. These are good amateur quality digital stills that are pretty sharp and clear with good colors. Slideshows and downloadable zip files are available, and you can also save individual pictures if you wish. The pictures are shown smaller than their actual size online, but you can expand them using a control in one of the corners.

Members get a couple of extras with their membership. First of all, there are 17 video feeds, which gives you some extra hunk, barebacking, Latino, fetish, twink and Ebony content. You also get access to a DVD theater, which contains almost 1,196 scenes from gay porn DVDs in a variety of niches. The tour also mentions free live cams, but I couldn't find them.

Let's talk about issues. First off, the tour promises multiple weekly updates but doesn't deliver them; it also offers HD videos, but only half the vids are HD. As mentioned, the site probably doesn't actually update - it just uses old, remastered content and puts a recent date on it. I got a pop-up when exiting the join page, and sometimes - but not always - got another pop-up on the tour. The site offers a trial membership, but there are a couple things you should know. First, trials recur at $10 more per month than a regular monthly membership. Also trial memberships won't give you unlimited access. You can view 10 picture sets and 1 video, and in order to view more, you would need to upgrade to a full membership.

There are some more things worth mentioning. The site provides no info about the performers at all other than their names, and there are no scene descriptions. While there's a search box, it gives no results; the lack of any descriptions or tags means there's nothing for the search box to actually search. As mentioned, the two smaller MP4 links actually lead to the same video. Many of the videos are actually watermarked with names of other sites from the same company. And last, I didn't find any real monster cocks on the site, although there are definitely lots of big dicks to be found.

Impossible Gay Cocks offers well-hung tops getting blowjobs and fucking bottoms who mostly seem to love taking every inch. The performers are average guys, not porn stars or models, although I don't think many are first-timers to porn, and most are pretty well hung - although not impossibly so. There are 73 videos that can be downloaded, streamed or played on most mobiles, and while content quality isn't stellar, it's not bad. There are also 196 picture sets, and members get some nice extras, too. While the recycled updates and lack of real personality give this site a mixed review, Impossible Gay Cocks is a decent destination for size queens.

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