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Reviewed by on 1 Nov 2010

63 score out of 100
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Husky Hunks is a site dedicated to husky and big men plus a large collection of amateurs. The tour shows some husky and hairy guys as well as some regular amateur guys with a couple extra pounds on them - the kind of guy it's hard to find on the net. The webmaster of Husky Hunks shoots some of his own content and beside the regular fucking and jerking, he's caught some armpit worship, ass eating and even videos of himself in action. It's been a while since our last visit, so if you're into husky guys and amateurs why not join me as I log in and see what's new at Husky Hunks!

The first thing that's new is site organization and section names. The member home page has links at the top leading to different sections of the site. As you scroll down you will see links to those sections again, but each with a pic plus an explanation of each section, which is very helpful. There are no ads or links to other sites, which is nice, but I would have preferred to see the latest updates and dates that new content was added recently.

The site offers 282 video clips. They're offered in multiple themed sections including the Chamber, where the newest videos are, the Vault where the webmaster's favorites are, "Breed" videos are raunchy hardcore clips from the ends of gay sex scenes, the "Hall of Fame" videos and last are the Basement, where the nastiest videos are.

All the Husky Hunks videos are offered in Quicktime format, and most aren't actually full scenes, although some are - they're clips ranging from just over a minute to over 6 minutes each. They're shown at 480x360 at 1.03 Mbps, and most are amateur quality, which isn't surprising since they're shot by a genuine amateur. Some of the Breed videos have a low FPS rate, and so motion is sort of odd. The videos are all downloadable and DRM-free.

The pics are offered in 3 sections - Amateurs 1, Amateurs 2 and Models. There are 30 sets in Models, one for each model, and they're listed by name and with a thumb. They're shown at 533x800 or 600x800, and range from amateur to fairly good amateur quality. The other 2 pics sections offer 121 galleries of non-series pics of husky amateur men posing, stroking, showing off their armpits and asses, plus a few cock-sucking pics here and there. Pics sizes here are all over the map.

All the models here are clearly amateurs, and there's a great variety. There are men as young as their early twenties and some who seem to be in their fifties. There are a lot of somewhat hairy guys, cubs and bears, and all the men have a little extra padding. What stands out about a lof of the pics and the exclusive videos is that the photographer is an amateur, which means that the lighting is mostly regular room lighting (often on the darkish side) and the look and feel is organic rather than studio quality or polished.

I did have a couple complaints. First, there's no way to know when or how often the site updates. The join page says the site updates "continuously throughout the month", but I'd like to see update dates on the member home page or at least a schedule. Also there's no info about the men, and I would have liked to see a profile and description of the guys, at least the ones in the models section.

I really liked the men of Husky Hunks as they're everything promised on the tour. If you like heavier guys with hairy bodies and masculine looks, who are as far as you can get from twinks or pornstars, chances are you'll like these guys as much as I do. The owner is actually in some of the videos, and there are 282 video clips to choose from, all in Quicktime format. While site organization could be a bit more intuitive, and I'd prefer full scenes to clips and an update schedule, it's worth mentioning that the owner here is not only into the husky men on this site - he does this as a hobby rather than a job. If you're looking for an amateur site that's a labor of love rather than a polished site featuring professional studio content, Husky Hunks is definitely worth a visit.

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