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Harlem Boyz opened about three years ago and features hip hop hunks and home boyz in mostly suck and fuck action. There are some pretty hot amateur men on the tour with tight, well-defined bodies and lots of big cocks. We haven't visited the site since it first opened, and it's grown a bit, so it's time to take another look.

The black men on this site are mostly guys in their twenties with lean, athletic bodies and a few muscled hunks, as well. Some of the guys have corn rows or dread locks, some are sporting ball caps, bandanas, or do rags. And there are plenty of big dicks, both cut and uncut. There are several thug types here, but not exclusively so.

There are some solo jack-off videos, but most of the action features guys in duos sucking and fucking. There are a couple of threeways and two bareback scenes as well. There are some pretty big dicks here and I enjoyed watching them getting serviced. A lot of the scenes have some kind of a story line - in one video, a thief caught red-handed gets his ass fucked by the home's resident. But some of the videos just open with horny black studs getting it on.

When we first reviewed Harlem Boyz three years ago, they had 34 episodes; the site has grown to 119 full scenes, but they haven't updated since February 2011. The videos are offered in three formats - WMV, MP4 and Flash. The WMVs are the biggest, displaying at 640x480, and the MP4s are for mobiles and play on iPhone, iPod Touch and Android, among others. These videos are not filmed exclusively for Harlem Boyz; they're DVD scenes and the quality ranges from low average to average. Most of the videos I watched didn't look bad, but lacked sharpness and some had issues with blurring during motion or a little pixelization at times. You can stream the videos in Flash and they play at about 600x400. These aren't as high quality as I'd like to see, lacking sharpness, but they are an option for those who hate to wait for downloads, although I found the downloads pretty quick. All the videos are DRM-free full scenes.

Each video episode also comes with a gallery of 30 to 40 screencaps shown at 640x480. There are another 20 galleries of digital stills, which may or may not be related to any of the videos; it's hard to say because the galleries don't use the same titles as the videos. The digital stills display at 650x857 and are available in thumbnail galleries, slide shows, and downloadable zips.

Harlem Boyz has a few issues. There's a pre-checked offer on the join page for another site, so you'll want to watch that. As mentioned, the site hasn't updated in almost two years. Not exactly an issue, but I also found a lot of the videos had musical overlays and I prefer to hear grunting, groaning, and dirty talk.

Your membership gives you access to seven other sites in the same network, but three of these feature white guys and the remaining are Asian sites; so they may be of limited interest to you. There are also two third-party videos feeds featuring more black men getting it on with one offering interracial gay sex.

Harlem Boyz gets a mixed review from me. While most of the men are hot and hung, I didn't find the quality of the videos was anything to get excited about - think about bargain-bin DVDs at your local porn store. The site's done the best they can, but the original DVDs just weren't the greatest to begin with. The videos are downloadable and the lack of DRM means you can add them to your library. And while the site isn't updating any longer with ebony content, there is enough in the library of videos to keep you busy for a month. Bottom line, I think there are better black gay porn sites out there; you'll have to check out the tour of Harlem Boyz and see what you think.

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