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Hot Desert Knights is one of the original bareback sex studios; they started producing raw fuck films back in 1999 when barebacking was still an underground activity. They're well known for their raunchy sex, cum dumps, and group orgies. HDK Raw is the online membership site that features the Hot Desert Knights catalogue of videos. In 2010, the founder of Hot Desert Knights died, but the company has continued on without him. We haven't reviewed the site since 2008, so it's time to take another look.

Hot Desert Knights started off filming mature and masculine men, both hairy and smooth, and lots of them into the leather scene. A few years after they began production, HDK opened a European division and starting bringing us younger Euro guys in their twenties, who were a variety of twinks, jocks, and muscle studs. After the death of the founder, the company continued filming, but their coverage of the mature, masculine men we were used to started to diminish. And for the past couple of years they have shifted their focus to the Euro guy genre; they've also been contracting some scenes from a South American producer who films Latin guys and men, mostly in their twenties, with athletic to muscular bodies. Either way, uncut cock fans are going to be pretty happy.

The sex is all raw here, so you can expect lots of cock sucking and bareback fucking, guys taking loads in their mouths and on their faces, and hard cocks spewing their creamy loads all over bottoms' butt holes. A lot of the earlier HDK videos have a gritty feel, often filmed in darker locations; dungeons and play rooms, garages, basements, and bar back rooms. A lot of the earlier men, although not all, wore leather, and many were hairy. The newer HDK scenes are filmed in home-like or hotel settings: living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms with the odd session taking place in a work room or gym. But regardless of where these men are fucking, you won't ever see a condom.

The site also gives you a good collection of behind-the-scenes videos from Making Gay Porn, so not only will you see the guys sucking and fucking during the filming, but you'll see the director stopping the action to give the guys pointers and tell them what he'd like to see. And HDK also produced a lot of fisting and extreme ass play videos, so if you like seeing hands, dildos, and butt plugs buried deep inside gaping butt holes, you'll love these videos.

There's a lot of videos at HDK Raw - 604 full scenes that are available to download or stream. Older videos are offered in two downloadable formats: WMV displaying at 640x480 and MP4 at 320x240. Newer releases come in three versions (all of them MP4s): HD at 1280x720, another high-res version plus a mobile format displaying at 500x280. Older videos stream in both Flash (590x450) and WMV (380x290), however, these streaming WMVs aren't the best quality; you're better off sticking to the Flash movies. Newer videos only stream in MP4 format but at a larger screen size of 720x430. There's no DRM on the site, so anything you download is yours to keep.

The pictures take a bit of explaining. Each video episode comes with a group of screen grabs (10 to 50 pictures) that let you preview the action in screen sizes between 640x480 and 1280x720. About the latest 60 episodes also include a gallery of digital stills and there can be as many as 300 photos in each of these. Older episodes don't have these digital stills galleries, but there is a separate Photos section where you'll find both model and action digital pictures from a lot of these older scenes, and the newer galleries are also duplicated here. All totalled there are 1,093 galleries of digital stills and 604 screen capture galleries. All of the pictures can be viewed in galleries or slide shows, but only the digital photos have downloadable zip files, which makes sense because they're the better quality pics.

Your membership to HDK Raw gives you access to all five Hot Desert Knights sites: HDK Raw, HDK Men (a photo site), Making Gay Porn (a behind-the-scenes video site), HDK Fisting, and HDK Central, which is a catch-all site for all of the content. But really, all of the content is housed in HDK Raw, and each of the other sites for that matter, so you're not getting any different content on the "bonus" sites. The only advantage to going to the other sites is if you'd like to concentrate on handballing videos, for instance, it would be easier to do by going to HDK Fisting. You also get access to 11 third-party video feeds.

I had an issue with HDK Raw regards their update schedule. This review was written in late Oct/early Nov, and the site hadn't updated at all during October, although there's already been an update in November. They did add 4 videos each month before. I'm not sure what's happening with their updates, but we'll keep an eye on it.

HDK Raw delivers a lot of bareback sex videos, so you're getting good value for your membership dollar. They have a good variety of guys and men in eye-popping fisting up to the wrist and fucking without condoms. The scenes from Making Gay Porn featuring behind-the-scenes footage are a nice addition to this already hot site. Check out HDK Raw - I don't think you will be disappointed!

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