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Reviewed by on 17 May 2007

59 score out of 100
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Guys Divine is a muscle site with the emphasis on live shows. While their tour is a little disorganized, I found some of their models very interesting. Gennaro, Steve, Brandon and Vlad in particular have the kind of bulging muscular bodies that make me sit at attention. While there is a sample video on the tour, it streams at a higher quality than the videos inside the site. I know because I already took a peek inside the member area ;) So let me tell you about what I find inside Guys Divine.

The member area of Guys Divine is not beautiful but it does get the job done. There are links across the top of the page including a handy link to the schedule plus links to the models and the forum. Below are links to 6 sections plus lists of all the udpates including links to the models, to the chat, the forum, the archived chats. There is also a section called The Realm, which currently features 2 black and white photo sets plus there is a graphic that offers workout articles, but it is not linked.

I arrived inside the site just in time for one of this week's 4 live chats and I'm happy I did. Tonight's model was Gennaro. Gennaro is a huge bodybuilder - powerful and impressive. He does some very sexy spontaneous posing in his cam shows and tonight was his first fully nude show. Gennaro had everyone in the chat going crazy as he flexed his tree trunk legs and his truly stupendous arms and pecs. He's also very nice and took time to talk to all the site members while he posed and the members in chat were also very nice as well as very enthusiastic.

Beside the live show, there are archived live shows. There are well over 100 30 to 60 minute videos in the archive. Chad has over 80 archived vids, Chris has 14, Brandon has 20, Gennaro has 20 and Damon has 11 plus his audition video, and Vlad has 13. While their names do not actually appear on the archive page, you can mouse over to see who each model is, or just go from model to model. There are archives for 6 models plus guest models although only 3 of the models have archives have been updated in the last month.

While most of the archived live show videos are 320x240, a few I found were 240x180. While the quality of live shows rarely equals an actual video, these are amateur quality and I had a great time watching them. They are all WMVs with good sound that stream above 100k, most around 149k and a few just over 200k. The videos don't look great if you enlarge them but I've seen worse. Unfortunately due to the fact that these are captured live shows, only the most optomistic video fans should consider watching them at full screen. The videos don't use DRM and were pretty fast to load.

Beside the live show archives, Guys Divine includes a models section where you can read about the guys and see some pics. Most of the models have minimal info on their pages but Gennaro, Bill and Chad all have something to say that I think muscle fans will find pretty interesting. There are a total of 8 models at this time - the 6 models from the live show archives plus 2 more. Firefox users may have problems with the buttons on the model pages but I had no problem when using Internet Explorer.

The pics pages sort of pop up when you click the pictures button. On the pop up you will find a medium sized pic on the left, thumbs and navigation on the right. When you click a thumb, the bigger version of the pic appears on the left and when you click the picture on the left, a new and bigger pic appears in a new window. BTW, you can zoom in on the pic on the left using the small + and - buttons, but I recommend you just click for the bigger pic.

Some of the bigger pics are really nice and large where others are medium sized. I downloaded a pic of Chad that was 1360x2048 and very good quality. It showed off his muscular chest, shoulders and abs very well and his gorgeous face. I downloaded a pic of Jules that was considerably smaller at 400x577. The lighting on this pic set was definitely on the amateur amateur side. Downloading a pic from a third model - Chris - got me a good quality pic between those two sizes.

The guys look great in the pics, but then how else could bodybuilders and hunks like this look? One big disappointment is that there is only one set of pics for each model so there are a total of 8 pic collections. Still, they make nice eye candy and I'd definitely recommend browsing through the pics.

If you always wanted to talk with a hot bodybuilder as he flexed, posed and even took requests, Guys Divine is your chance. While they don't have live shows every day, the ones they do have are fun and very sexy. The stream quality of the live feeds is good, the chat is fast and the site also has over 100 full archived live shows as well as pics. There are no other movies other than the archives but if you love watching muscle men in action on cam, this is definitely a site you should check out.

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