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GoGo Twinks offers a variety of guys ranging from 18 to 25 who either stroke their cocks or engage in man-to-man sexual acts. The performers here a mix of twinks, jocks, a few tough guys, a few daddies, and some amateurs, Latinos, Asian and Europeans, as well as some performers you may recognize from videos over the years on DVDs or on better-known sites. As with all porn these days, tattoos adorn many of the models in some fashion. You'll find body types from slender and smooth to a little on the muscular side, as well as average, regular-guy bodies.

Models from all over the world perform in a variety of sexual activity. In addition to the twink-on-twink sex, this site has a mix of guys showing up to get it on and get off on camera. The action here ranges from solo masturbation sessions (and some shower scenes) to oral sex and plenty of fucking from many angles. There are some outdoor sessions, as well as indoor scenes on the couch, in beds, the kitchen and the bathroom, and I found a few interracial scenes as well.

GoGo Twinks offers 117 movies, which is 37 more than there were about 9 1/2 months ago. The site is currently updating every three days, but while some of the updates are fresh content, more must be recycled since otherwise there would be about three times more updates since our last visit. The videos are DRM-free, and are all offered for download in MP4 format, some sized at 640x480 plus one smaller size and others at 1280x720 plus two smaller sizes, and I found a couple vids sized at 1920x1080 plus 1280x720. Video quality ranges from average to fairly good stuff, and the vids should play on most mobiles. All videos are also available to stream.

The site also offers 242 photo sets, 40 more than there were on our last visit. All photos are digital stills, some pics sized at 1067x1600 and others at 1667x2500 with the quality being average to good amateur. While there are some hardcore pic sets, till recently most of the galleries were solo, showing off a variety of twinks and college-age guys. The newest pic sets are almost all hardcore, with some big dicks, a foursome and some interesting sexual positions. There are downloadable zip files and slideshows available.

In addition to the site's own content, full members get access to 17 bonus feeds in a variety of niches including twinks, bareback sex, Asian guys, and fetish sex. Each feed offers 20 videos, which means there are 340 vids total. There's also a DVD Theater with 1,196 streaming videos, each of which is a full scene from an older DVD title.

Does the site have any issues? Well, there's a hard-to-spot pre-checked offer on the billing page (called VIP Membership+) that, if left checked, will sign you up for two additional recurring site memberships when you join this site. Trial members get limited access to site's content and features, and trial memberships cost $10 more per recurring month than the cost of regular monthly memberships. The tour claims the site has "1000's of HD Movies & Pics," but in reality the site has 117 videos. As far as the every-three-day updates, the amount the site has grown makes it appear that two out of the three updates are recycling older content to use as new updates - in reality, there seems to be about three new updates per month.

GoGo Twinks gets a mixed review. The site offers some very cute twinks as well as jocks, daddies and average amateurs in a mix of masturbation and gay sex. The 117 videos are downloadable and DRM-free, and most are also compatible with most mobiles; there are also 242 pic sets. And while some of the updates may be recycled, new members won't care that the updates may have been in the site previously. Full members also get access to feeds and an archive of older DVD scenes. While GoGo Twinks can be a fun way to spend a rainy day or evening, I'd like to see higher quality videos and more actual twinks.

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