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A lot of gay porn sites feature gloryhole cocksucking, but there aren't a lot of sites out there dedicated to guys giving this kind of head. Gloryhole Job offers you nothing but guys getting their dicks serviced through a gloryhole. This isn't a new site, but it's one that GayDemon hasn't looked at before, so why don't you join me while I take a peek inside?

I love sucking dick and one of my favourite things to do is to head on over to the baths and get myself a gloryhole room. While sucking dick though a hole that's been bored through the rest room stall at your local gas station or shopping mall might be exciting, it's also risky. The owner of Gloryhole Job has the perfect remedy - construct a wall just inside the entry of his apartment so that men can let themselves in and slide their cocks through the hole that is right there. The men enjoy some hot head, blow their loads, stuff their dicks back in their jeans and leave.

Most of these blowjob scenes feature the same bear sucking gloryhole dick, and there's a second bald cocksucker who accounts for about one third of the sessions. There are also a handful (maybe six) videos where you watch the blowjob from the recipient's perspective, but I didn't find these very interesting because you don't really see much. The videos are filmed either from the side or above the cocksucker and give you nice, clear shots of him sliding man meat in and out of his mouth.

The cocks come in all shapes and sizes - black, white, cut and uncut, big and average. The two cocksuckers are blowing guys in two different gloryhole locations and it seems that one speaks French, the other speaks English.

The videos on Gloryhole Job are available for streaming only and there are 128 different blowjob clips running between five and ten minutes each. They are shown at 640x480 and they're amateur to fairly good amateur quality with decent sound. Not all the men are vocal, but for those who are you can hear them moaning and offering encouraging words through the wall, albeit mostly in French, but even if you don't speak French, everyone knows what "ah oui, ah oui!" means.

There are no picture galleries on the site. And I have no information about how often the site updates because none of the episodes are dated. But there's certainly enough in the member's area to keep you entertained for the length of your membership.

I think there are a number of ways Gloryhole Job could improve, but some of these might fall into the category of personal preferences. I didn't watch all of the videos, but of the 10 or so that I did check out, I didn't see a lot of cumshots. In normal suck and fuck porn, guys do the deed until they're ready to shoot, then they usually pull out and blow their loads all over a guy's face, ass, or belly, but the point is that we see a cumshot. But because of the logistics of a gloryhole, having the blowjob recipient reaching through to jerk himself off doesn't really work. And it's not really what gloryhole cocksucking is all about - cocksuckers want to blow a guy and probably take his load in their mouths. But that may not be so interesting for viewers.

So a lot of the cumshots end up happening in the cocksucker's mouth, sometimes you hear a lot of moaning and groaning from the other side, sometimes not. Sometimes you'll see cum dribbling out of the cocksucker's mouth, sometimes he opens his mouth and shows you the guy's load, or lets it slide down his lips and chin. And yes, sometimes he releases the cock from his mouth to let some cum fly through the air before gobbling up the remnants.

I think for me the thing that I didn't like about this site is that after I've seen these two cocksuckers blowing a couple of guys, I know their techniques. Sure, the cocks change but I would have been more turned on watching different guys sucking dick. I also found there just wasn't enough variety in actually technique to get me really turned on. I would have preferred to see lots of different stuff like kissing plump cock heads, nibbling on foreskin, holding a cock in and tongue fucking the guy's foreskin, licking shafts, sucking balls, smelling pubes, spitting on dicks, rolling the cock head around in my mouth, and deep throating. This is a voyeur site and I found myself sometimes saying, "Come on, don't just suck it, show me how much you love this cock!"

There's 128 videos on Gloryhole Job, so you're getting your money's worth and you'll find most of the videos filmed from the cocksucker's point of view. So if you like watching guys suck dick, you should be pretty happy. The downside is that you'll be watching the same two guys sucking a wide variety of cocks, but if you care more about the dicks than the cocksucker, this won't be an issue for you. Where this site really shines for me and gets me horny is thinking about setting up one of these rigs in my own apartment. Like I said, I love sucking dick and Gloryhole Job is a pure amateur site where the site owner is letting us watch him doing what he loves to do. Right now, I can't imagine anything hotter than getting online and saying, "The gloryhole is open, guys. Come on over and dump your load down my throat." So if this sounds hot to you, why not check out Gloryhole Job.

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