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Gangster Fuck focuses on white Euro bad boys and criminals who get caught and taught a lesson they won't soon forget in this gay BDSM site. The guys who are the subject of the humiliation, forced to give blowjobs and receive punishment are straight amateur types from around 19 to 26, with a few guys a little older. Each of the guys are captured by men who restrain them, strip them and humiliate them by fondling their cock and balls or a little anal probing.

The theme here can be interesting. In one episode, a guy is caught spraying graffiti, in another he's touching an unwilling girl who tells her boyfriend. One is testifying against the gang he sold drugs for and they find him. You get the idea. Some of the episodes don't really stick to the gangster/criminal getting caught theme though. Still, in each, a guy is restrained and his punishments vary from spanking to humiliation. I did find that there's more standard gay sex here than one might expect from the tour or the video descriptions, but there's bondage, SM, piss, domination, caning, foot fetish action and rough gay sex. Expect gags, foot worship, blindfolds and more.

Gangster Fuck currently offers 69 guys, 67 of which have videos. The site says it updates weekly, although since there are no dates on the updates, there's no way to know how regular updates are. Each video is broken into parts - from 3 to 8 per scene once all clips are added - and each update is a single clip rather than a full scene. That means each full scene can take between 2 and 8 updates before all the parts are available.

The videos are now offered in MP4 format - the site no longer offers WMVs. Videos are sized at 1280x720 at average to good amateur quality, depending on the individual scene. For those who prefer to watch their videos rather than download them, there are streaming MP4s sized at 980x550 at about the same quality as the downloadable vids. Good news is that the streaming videos can now be fast-forwarded without having to wait for the vids to fully load. All videos are DRM-free and play smoothly.

Each Gangster Fuck video also comes with a set of pics. Some are screencaps shown at 800x533, and they're above average screencap quality, although not as nice as digital stills. Some pic sets are good amateur quality digital stills sized at 1500x1000 or vise versa. The pics can be downloaded as zip files or you can individually download them if you find some you'd like to save for later.

Did the site have any issues? I did find some things worth mentioning. Download speeds are below average - I'm on a 20 Mbps line, but I never saw downloads faster than 330k, and often went below 300k, so expect to wait a bit for the videos. I was disappointed, too, that not all the episodes stuck with the site theme, and also that the videos are offered in approx 15 minute chunks rather than full scenes.

Gangster Fuck has some things going for it. First, the site has an interesting concept and a hot mix of BDSM and gay sex. Next, the videos are high definition, downloadable and DRM-free, always a plus. But the updates are no longer dated, although the site says it updates weekly. On the downside, download speeds could use some help, and each update is only part of a full scene, which slows down the growth of the site. While not all the videos stick to the punished criminal / gangster theme, I liked the bondage, forced and rough sex, humiliation and kink that Gangster Fuck has to offer.

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