French Lads

Reviewed by on 28 May 2013

71 score out of 100
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I've seen a lot of British gay porn sites and a few German ones, but I haven't really come across many that take us to France in search of horny French guys. French Lads is a site that I was assigned and it looks pretty hot with some sexy guys and lots of previews on the tour, so why don't you join me and we'll have a look.

I actually like a lot of the guys on French Lads, but I have a bit of trouble fitting them into a neat and tidy category. We're familiar with twinks, jocks, muscle men, and bears, but there's not really a word, a niche if you will, for guys who are just guys. A lot of the performers on French Lads are twenty-something-year-old guys with average, slender bodies and some have a little muscle definition. They're beyond the age of being twinks, but don't really have the athletic bodies one would expect from a jock or a muscle guy. Most of these lads are smooth, but there are some with body hair. Several have a skinhead look, but lack the gear to call them true skinheads. There are a couple of Arab guys, a few brown-skinned guys, and even a couple of mature bearish men. The guys are European, so you can expect lots of foreskin on French Lads and there are heaps of big cocks, too.

The action on French Lads is all over the map, too. Most of the videos feature suck and fuck sessions, but there are a couple of solo jack-offs. The site has outdoor sex videos, which I always like - nothing hotter than watching a couple of guys getting naked outside and going at it in places where they shouldn't. There's a lot of scenarios that involve rough sex, forced sex, gangbangs, blindfolded guys used for another guy's pleasure, darkroom scenes, and piss play. There are quite a few videos with guys in sports gear playing together and even a few coach / team player type of scenes. And there are about 18 group sex videos. So, if you like your sex a little on the dirty side, I think you'll like what you find here.

The site offers 215 episodes, and a new video is added twice a week. The videos are DRM-free, and are offered in MP4 format. Both downloadable and streaming versions are shown at 640x360, most at good amateur quality. Most of the videos I watched enlarged pretty well, only losing a little sharpness. The streaming videos are also available in a lower bandwidth version shown at 480x270. These are average to fairly good amateur productions. I found some of the videos could have been a little more crisp and I was disappointed with the smallish player. These days a lot of sites are offering pretty large-screened videos - I would have been a lot happier with something like 920 on the long side.

There are no picture galleries at French Lads. Each episode has a preview picture in the video player and there is one picture of each guy on the model page. I'd at least like to see model profiles on the models' pages so we can get to know more about each performer.

Most of the issues at the time of our last review have been addressed; the site has made a variety of improvements that made my time in the site much more enjoyable. Funnily enough, you can surf French Lads in English or German, but not French! And because this site is produced in Europe, you'll find some stilted, not-quite-right language in the scene titles and descriptions, although the site owners have taken the time to improve them.

I tend to like watching sex that's a little rougher, dirtier, and more creative, so I was pretty pleased with the offerings on French Lads. In fact, if I had the time, I'd be loading up a video a couple of times a day and jerking off all month. I liked the 2 weekly updates and the variety of guys, and a good selection to suit whatever mood I might be in when the urge struck me. Outdoor sex, dirty basement fucking, gangbangs, forced sex, and even the few piss scenes were a turn-on even though I'm not all that into piss. I love European men and I adore uncut dick, so French Lads got me pretty fired up.

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