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French Lads takes us to France to find all sorts of guys from smooth twinks and average amateurs to well-built muscle hunks and athletic jocks - even a couple daddies. Most of the lads are smooth, but there are some with body hair and even a few with facial hair including some very sexy beards. Some of the guys are skinheads, there are some guy-next-door types and tattooed bad boys. There are a couple of Arab guys, a few brown-skinned guys, and even a couple of mature bearish men. The performers here are European, so you can expect lots of foreskin on French Lads, and there are heaps of big cocks, too.

The action here is all over the map as well. Most of the sessions feature sucking and fucking, and there's plenty of kink and a couple of solo jack-offs. The site has outdoor sex videos, which I always like - nothing hotter than watching a couple of guys getting naked outside and going at it in places where they shouldn't. There's a lot of scenarios that involve rough sex, forced sex, gangbangs, deep throating, sneaker sniffing, blindfolded guys used for another guy's pleasure, darkroom scenes, and piss play. There are quite a few videos with guys in sports gear playing together and even a few coach / team player type of scenes. And there are 35 group sex videos. So if you like your sex a little on the dirty side, I think you'll like what you find here.

French Lads has grown to 470 episodes, and a new video is added every Monday and Thursday. The videos are DRM-free and are offered in MP4 format. The newer downloads and streaming videos are sized at 960x540, a more satisfying size than the streaming vids used to be. The newer downloads are offered in a second, smaller size (good for mobiles) while older downloadable vids are sized at 640x360; some streaming videos are also available in a lower bandwidth version. The videos are average to fairly good amateur quality; some of the videos could have been a little more crisp while others look pretty good. The videos are shot using natural room lighting and often a hand-held camcorder.

There are also 156 picture sets. These are pretty good quality screencaps, the older pics sized at 800x450 and the newer at 1186x665. While the sets are small - most have between seven and 21 pics each - they are hand-selected to show off the guys and the action very well. Slideshows are available, and the older picture sets come with downloadable zip files, but the newer ones aren't offered for download either by individual picture or set.

For those looking for extras, the site offers 16 gay feeds in a variety of niches. These include the feed versions of such popular sites as Falcon, Rear Stable, Fratmen, and Fetish Force, and you'll find everything from horny twinks to tattooed leather men and bears, jock sex to raunchy bareback and fetish. Each feed offers 20 videos, so there are a total of 320 bonus vids to enjoy.

Let's talk about the downsides. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page below the form, and also pre-checked email offer on the join page. The thing that stood out for me is that this site offers members only limited downloads, although unlimited streaming. The first month, members can download four videos, the second eight videos, and you must be a member for seven consecutive months or longer to be able to download 20 vids per month. As with our last visit, the search usually does a good job, but if you look up the word "uncut," you get only a single result, which is odd for a French site.

I like watching sex that's a little rougher, dirtier, and more creative, so I was pretty pleased with the offerings on French Lads. In fact, if I had the time, I'd be loading up a video a couple of times a day and jerking off all month. I liked the 470 videos that are computer and mobile compatible, the two weekly updates, and the variety of guys, as well as a mixture to suit whatever mood I might be in: there's outdoor sex, dirty basement fucking, gangbangs, forced sex, foot play, and there are even the few piss scenes. If you love European men and uncut cock, French Lads will probably get you pretty fired up.

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