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Over the past few years, gay porn has seen invasions from Russia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Great Britain; now France could be the new frontier for hot guys. There are a couple of popular sites produced out of France, and French Dudes is the newest; it's the second French gay porn site I've reviewed in a while. The site's been around for over a year and a half now, so let's take a look at what's new.

The guys on French Dudes are an eclectic mix, ranging from their early twenties to their thirties, some sporting slender, athletic, and well-defined bodies and some are more muscular and ripped dudes. A number of the guys are cute while others are bad boy types - skaters, scallies, skinheads, and punks - but there are also lots of hunks, jocks and boys next door, and several mature guys. Expect plenty of sportsmen wearing their gear, and you'll also find a handful of well-known porn performers alongside newcomers. And not all of the guys are French; there are some German and Spanish guys; regardless, you'll find lots of uncut cocks here.

There are no solos on French Dudes; the action is all duo and threesome sex. One of the scenes I watched had a couple of soccer players in gear kicking around a ball before sucking and fucking in an abandoned building; another guy was fixing his bike in the driveway when a passerby offered to help and then sucked his cock in the driveway. There's a duo playing in a car's back seat; still another episode features a guy bare-assed and leaning against a pillar in a warehouse when another dude walks in and fucks him - no foreplay! There's bedroom sex and kitchen sex; guys screwing outdoors and in cars, fucking in dirty basements, abandoned buildings, and warehouses; and there are some gym and locker room scenes as well.

Most of the action is sucking and fucking with the guys shooting their juicy loads on each other, but there are a few kinkier scenes with guys into socks and shoes, dildos, blindfolds, dirty talk, piss play, and simulated forced sex. There are also a few scenes featuring fisting, and also a couple featuring men in dirty socks. Most of the action seemed to be sex with condoms, although I didn't watch every scene.

French Dudes has grown to 255 scenes, thanks to twice-a-week updates every Monday and Thursday. The videos are streaming MP4s and they play at 940x530. The quality of the vids is good with clear pictures and good sound. Even at full screen, the streaming videos didn't suffer much loss of quality. The videos are not offered for download, but the site does say they're compatible with iPhone, iPad, and most other mobiles. Something I really appreciated is that the streaming servers here are robust so I didn't run into any pauses during the playback, and these are true streaming videos, which means you can fast forward before the vids are fully loaded.

There's a set of downloadable pictures for each episode and you can also view these below the video player in a film strip. There are 7 to over 40 pictures per episode, and they're good quality screen captures displaying at 1200x675 pixels. In fact, I quite liked the pics, which seem to be hand chosen and show off the guys and the action to perfection.

French Dudes offers a very handy search page with a wide variety of categories, action, location and body types to choose from to help you find what you're looking for. There's also a search box, and unlike during our last visit the results seemed very good when I tried it using a few different terms.

There are a couple of things that I didn't like about the site. Most of the dialogue in the videos is obviously French and there are no subtitles. I had mixed feelings because sometimes I like the pre-sex interaction, but at the same time subtitles can be distracting. But even without subtitles, the story lines aren't terrible complicated so you can usually figure out that a guy is saying, "Hey, do you need some help with your bike?" And I was disappointed that the videos weren't offered for download and that the "lights out" feature had been removed from the site.

French Dudes has kept their promise of twice weekly updates (the episodes are dated), and at that rate, this site is growing faster than a horny guy's cock - they now offer 255 exclusive streaming videos. I loved the variety of guys here: sometimes I may feel like a skinhead, another time a jock or later perhaps a couple of soccer players or lovers in the back of the car. French Dudes does not give you an endless parade of the same thing. The videos are big and well produced, but at the same time have a gritty feel - these aren't perfectly polished productions, but they're not completely amateur, either, and I really quite enjoyed the ones I watched. If you like a variety of types and sex that doesn't always happen on a bed or a couch, you should be pretty turned on with the videos from French Dudes. And then there are all those uncut cocks. I highly recommend checking this site out.

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