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FratMen has been around for years and has built a reputation of having some of the most handsome and ripped jocks out there. And with some of the best and most artistic photography you'll find, FratMen has turned plain old jack-off videos into an art form. Recently FratMen did a complete overhaul of their site; it's a bit of a good news / bad news scenario, so let's take a fresh look.

The guys at FratMen are in their twenties, all-American jocks with ripped bodies and beautiful faces. Almost all of them could have careers as fitness or fashion models, although some of them are a bit too muscular and beefy for runway work. Forgive me for being crass, but of the 25 newest guys on the homepage, you could line them up and I'd suck dick until my lips turned blue; there were maybe only three that I'd pass on. Most of the FratMen are cute or very good looking, but a few are average. All the guys take very good care of their bodies, so expect lots of athletic bodies with rolling shoulders, chiseled pecs, ripped abs and round bubble butts, and there's a nice selection, too. Some of the guys are averagely hung, but quite a few are packing some pretty big dicks. Most have smooth bodies, but there are a few hairy guys, and most of the guys are white - blonds, brunettes, and redheads.

FratMen started off as a jack-off site, but their approach is very sexy, sensual and erotic. These guys aren't simply sitting on a couch stroking their dicks. This site really wants to showcase the male body; the masturbation is almost incidental. The guys do seductive strips out of their clothes and spend a lot of time rubbing their bodies or flexing to show off their muscles. One of my favorite parts of almost every video is the mattress fucking sequence where these studs slowly thrust their pelvises into the mattress or a pillow so we get to see their taut bodies and firm butts in pumping action. The guys do play with their cocks throughout, but take lots of breaks to tease us with rubbing, rolling around the bed, dry humping the bed or hitting the showers before shooting their lively loads all over those six-pack abs.

FratMen has 490 videos in the member area, and they're full scenes offered in MP4 format that can be downloaded or streamed. The newer videos play at 960x540, but the rest of the inventory plays at 640x480. The quality is good to fairly good and they're filmed in luxurious condos or hotel suites with large beds and full, walk-in showers. They have a dreamy look to them with the producer using mostly natural light instead of stark studio lights. And there is both indoor and outdoor filming, although most of the action takes places indoors. But often times we can watch an initial sequence with a guy throwing some hoops, swimming or working out in the sun before he heads inside to jack his cock.

Each episode also has a gallery of 28 pictures and like the videos, there are 490 of them. You can only view the digital photos on the site as the galleries are sliders. You cannot save the pics as their gallery software doesn't allow it; there's no slideshow feature and no downloadable zip files, either. The pictures display at 480x720 and they're good quality.

Sadly it appears to be the end of an era - after years of regular updates, the site has stopped adding new content.

There is a new feature called Frat House, which has 9 live cameras focused on the guys living at the Frat Pad. You can watch the guys living at Frat Pad, many of whom are shirtless or wear nothing but a tank top. You can see the guys hanging out, working out, swimming, doing live shows, etc. One guy was eating his breakfast and playing with his cock. But there is no sound and no closeups, so this is more of a tease than a feature, and is largely an upsell to get you to buy a membership to Frat Pad. Still, if you like voyeur cams, this can be fun to watch.

While FratMen has a fresh member area and tour with a nicer design and bigger videos, I didn't like everything about the site. They're very protective of their pictures and there's no way to save them easily. FratMen used to offer live shows with an archive; it appears the live shows have stopped, and there's no longer an archive of past shows. And as mentioned, the site no longer adds new content.

Another thing I didn't like about FratMen is that their homepage gives you the impression that you're getting access to a lot of stuff with links to: FratMen, Fratpad, FratMen Sucks (guys blowing each other), Frathouse and Fratpad Pay-Per-View. But in reality your FratMen membership only gives you FratMen and the silent Frathouse web cams; everything else costs extra or you must join via the all access pass, which costs more.

The guys on FratMen are about as hot as they come - good-looking jocks and athletes with beautiful bodies and stiff cocks. The jack-off videos pull out all the stops giving you much more than a guy beating off until he cums, and like I said, the mattress humping and showers are pretty standard with most videos, which are very hot to watch. Where FratMen loses me is in their push to get you to spend more money on their other products, and the lack of updates is a big disappointment. Still, with almost 500 videos of these incredibly hot guys, FratMen definitely has what it takes to make this one of our favorite sites.

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