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Frank DeFeo (also known as Frank the Tank) is a bodybuilder and model who flexes, poses and gets naked on his own site called - you guessed it - Frank DeFeo. Frank has been active in bodybuilding since 1999, and he's placed or won a number of contests since then. He's definitely one hot hunk of muscle, and with his beefy pecs and shoulders, bulging biceps and sixpack abs, he's more than just another pretty face. He's got masculine looks and a sense of presence when he steps in front of an audience or camera. And he's not just a well-built porn star; Frank has appeared in fitness and workout magazines, bodybuilding contests and even appeared on some erotic book covers.

The content revolves around Frank, and action varies. Expect videos and pic sets that show Mr. DeFeo working out at the gym, posing oiled up and naked, showing off his beefy physique in beach shoots in tiny trunks and posing on stage. And things get hotter as he gets his cock hard on camera, allows his muscular body to be worshiped, does a wrestling session, and even fucks a woman in a couple sessions.

Frank DeFeo currently offers 140 videos, and usually adds 2 new videos per month although there was a month recently where only 1 new video was added. The more recent videos are offered in streaming MP4, and are sized at about 668x378. Quality is fairly good, although the videos are not actually HD as claimed. The older videos are short clips offered in streaming Flash, and they are sized smaller, the oldest at around 320x240 at fairly good amateur quality. I was not able to fast-forward the videos till they had fully loaded, but it's worth noting that the newer videos say they're compatible with iPhone and other mobiles. One thing that disappointed me is that the videos are not offered for download unless you pay per scene.

The site also offers 100 picture sets, sort of. While most of the galleries are full or at least half-sets, there are 8 magazine covers that each lead to either a single pic, gallery or article from a magazine that Frank has appeared in. There are also 5 non-clickable thumbs of book covers that Mr. DeFeo has appeared on. The rest of the thumbs I clicked did lead to picture sets offering good amateur quality or better digital stills sized at around 450x600. The recent galleries included links to downloadable zip files, although the older ones don't, and the pictures here can be downloaded individually.

There aren't a lot of extras here, but members can download a few desktop wallpapers, although at 1024x768, these aren't as large as my desktop. The site says that iPhone wallpapers are on the way. There's a link to the blog, but that doesn't say much, and also leads outside the member area. There's also a short bio of Frank DeFeo that includes a list of the bodybuilding contests he competed in, and you'll also find a brief list of his workout routines and diet.

Does the site have any issues? Only one, and that regards the exaggerated tour claims. The tour offers over 100 galleries - there are actually less than 100 - and high quality videos, although the videos aren't really high quality, although they're not bad. Also the word DOWNLOAD appears boldly under FREE WALLPAPERS. Don't be confused, as the download is for the wallpapers; videos are not downloadable. I think we've already covered my complaints - to recap; the HD videos aren't actually shown in HD, older videos are small and very short, videos aren't downloadable and the blog link leads to the tour.

Frank DeFeo himself is muscular, hot and masculine, and his site is the place to see his picture sets and videos. There are currently 140 streaming videos, some of which are full scenes and some are short clips; a new video is usually added twice a month. There are also pic sets, as well as Frank's magazine appearances and bio. There's a lot of variety here, as Frank's content shows him working out at the gym, posing naked, stroking his cock, being worshiped by a muscle lover, getting it on with a chick, doing professional model shoots and more. I particularly like the more recent videos, and while the site isn't perfect, Frank DeFeo himself is one hot hunk of muscle who's definitely worth watching.

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