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Reviewed by on 24 Oct 2012

72 score out of 100
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Flava Men focuses on horny black and Latin guys - amateurs, thugs and hunks showing off and stroking their meat on camera, plus some suck and fuck duos. There are plenty of ebony men with dark skin and big cocks, some well-built, some slender and some bulging with muscle. There are also lots of Latinos, ranging from jocks to hunks, with a couple twinks thrown in. There are some heavily tattooed bad boy models, as well as some who are clean-cut and handsome and those who fall in between. The guys aren't shy about showing off their bodies, and there's lots of hot pics of the models in their underwear and stripping.

You may recognize some of the models here from other sites from the same studio - and sometimes even other studios. You'll find big, muscled black porn star Freakzilla Diego from Mix It Up Boy, Cayden Cooper and Flamzes, bisexual top Castro from ThugBoy, light-skinned and hunky Marques from Papi Cock and lots more mouth-watering black and Latin porn performers, amateurs and semi-pros. There's a lot of big dicks here, and some juicy uncut meat, as well.

Flava Men offers their content in a magazine format, probably because the site is based on the actual magazine. The men are offered centerfold-style inside the website, which means not only are there pics and videos, but profiles of all the guys. There's a new edition offered 4 times each year, although you can browse the men alphabetically in the models section.

The site currently offers 151 videos, 129 of which are shown in the magazine section and all the videos plus the 161 photo sets are listed in the Models section. Updates are listed by season rather than date; there were 5 updates in the Spring/Summer of 2012, only 1 episode added in Fall of 2011/Winter of 2012, and no updates yet for Fall of 2012. The videos here are downloadable, DRM-free full scenes. The newest videos are offered in several sizes of MP4, the largest sized at 1280x720, and the smallest suitable for many mobile devices. These are good amateur quality, and make good watching. The oldest videos are offered in Quicktime and sized at 320x240 at amateur to good amateur quality, and some are also offered in WMV format. Between the new and old vids, some of the movies are sized at in between sizes, but are good amateur quality. Most are available in streaming versions, as well.

The Flava Men photos, old and new, are shown at about 500x751. These are digital stills, mostly good amateur quality, although a few older sets are closer to amateur quality. These pics do a great job of showing off the models - their bodies, faces, hard cocks and asses. You can watch as each guy strips, strokes and gets off. Good news is that not only can you view the pictures as galleries, but you can also download them for later in zip files.

Something I thought was very cool is that you can download each magazine in its entirety as a PDF, so you get the full-sized cover (complete with juicy cover model), ads from the paper version of the magazine, current parties and events, and a layout that offers the guys in a format that's very different from the website version, but also very hot. The downloadable versions of the magazines do not, however, include the videos and full photo sets. Still, to get the most out of this site, I recommend you check out the downloadable versions of the magazines as well as the content in the website.

In addition to the pics and videos, the site also offers articles and fiction in the free and member area. You can find them by checking each magazine edition or you can check the Articles section. A lot of what you'll find are listings of events of pics from events, but as you scroll down you'll also find advice columns, stories and interviews, video and website reviews. The latest magazines don't offer articles, but some do have stories, so always be sure to check. There are also desktop calendars, although this years' are only listed in the free section. Last is a list of gay clubs, mostly in the U.S. but also some in Brazil and 1 in Canada.

My main concern here is the irregular updates. While there were 5 updates added last season, there was only 1 added the 3 months previous, 2 added the season before that, and none so far added this season. Still, there's enough here to keep members happy for at least one month, the price here is right and there are updates. After a little trial and error, I was discovered that the newest desktop calendars are listed only in the free area - the calendars in the member section are only listed through 2011. The listed events in the website are only through 2010, but you can see the latest by downloading each magazine.

Flava Men delivers hot black men and Latin guys stripping, showing off and jerking their cocks. From hunks to thugs, you'll find plenty of beefcake, amateurs, porn stars, jocks and some twinks in 151 downloadable videos and 161 photo sets. The site updates are a bit random - 5 new episodes in one 3-month "season", only 1 in another, but the price here is definitely right, and the models are hot. While the oldest videos are on the small side, every video is DRM-free, and the pics and vids really show off the performers to perfection. The bottom line - if you love black and Latino men, Flava Men is definitely worth checking out!

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