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Fisting Twinks launched last year. You might expect from the site name that this site features twinks, and that would make sense, but most of the performers are actually daddies who are often in their fifties including bottom Timmy Pig Hole and aggressive top Master Spike. I'm talking about guys with silver or salt and pepper hair and average bodies; some have facial hair and don't shave their bodies while one is pretty hairy. There are a few guys in their early twenties including Seth Tyler and Kendoll Mace. Kendoll does seem pretty twinky - he's smooth, cute and fairly slender, while Seth has a little less boyish look and some facial hair, too.

There plenty of fisting in each video as well as big dildo play, stretching those pig holes wide with over-the-wrist handballing sessions and two-handed fisting so you can expect gaping holes and rectal prolapse. One scene features daddy-on-daddy flogging where Timmy's legs are held open with a spreader while he receives his punishment, another is a full-on orgy, and one recent update includes pissing while another includes baseball bat penetration. You'll also find cock sucking, including some deep throat action, and in two videos there's some fucking as well. Many of the vids take place in bedrooms, but one - this one with actual twinks - takes place in a somewhat abandoned building where the boys go to sneak in a fuck, but they're caught by fisting daddies and have to pay the price.

Fisting Twinks now offers 37 videos, and updates had sped up but are now back to twice a month. The videos are available in MP4 format and offered in four sizes, the largest of which is full HD at 1920x1080 and the two smallest sizes should be good for most mobiles. The videos are available to download and stream, and while video quality is decent amateur, the lighting is pretty amateur and the vids are shot in a darkish bedrooms or dungeons, so you can expect some graininess or irregular lighting. Each video comes with a set of screencaps.

Full members get access to seven bonus sites, and these sites actually do feature twinks and college-age guys, although there's no fisting and little fetish action. They also feature better-lit videos, and there are plenty of guys sucking cocks and getting fucked. Only one of the sites beside Fisting Twinks has updated in the past five weeks, but there are 253 videos total. One of the sites, Feet HD, offers a whopping two videos, Cos Gay offers seven, and HoloTwink features sixteen smooth, slender performers in build-them-yourself videos.

There are definitely a few things to talk about here. Most of the content features daddies rather than twinks - I'm not sure why the site isn't called "Fisting Daddies". Updates are irregular; in November 2016 there were four updates added but in December there were only two; the next scheduled update will be three weeks later than the one before it. I ran into a problem trying to fast-forward the streaming videos; when I tried, I got a message that said the video was missing, although when I didn't fast-forward, the videos played fine. Most of the bonus sites have either stopped updating or update very infrequently. And my last complaint is the two rows of animated thumbs and live cams link on the menu, all of which link to a third-party live site with free chat that requires additional payment for full nudity or action.

Fisting Twinks offers some serious fisting - holes are definitely stretched to their limits - and there's some blowjob and fucking action, as well. That being said, most of the performers aren't twinks by any stretch of the imagination - at least a few of the men are over 50, many are hairy or have bellies, although there are a few younger guys in their twenties. The site offers 37 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile, and updates are added twice to four times monthly, although the next one is scheduled three weeks after the current update. Full members get access to seven actual twink sites. Those into rough handballing daddies will like love the action here, but since the bonus sites offer vanilla twink action, this combination might not be for everyone.

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