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While most porn star careers only last a few years, there are just a few performers who can successfully stay in the spotlights for decades. Dominic Pacifico is one of them. He's an American with Hispanic roots who started his career in porn in 1998 and is still a very successful performer. The versatile stud has worked for most major gay porn studios and has appeared in over 80 DVDs. He is also working as a DJ and a music producer and he recently started his own porn production company and launched his own membership site.

The performers here are hot guys in their twenties and thirties with muscular or more beefy bodies and most of them have bigger-than-average cocks. One of the things that I noticed is that they are all passionate and really enjoy what they are doing. Currently there are solos and hardcore duos and the action includes jerking off, kissing, cock sucking, hard ass pounding and some of the scenes also include toy play and watersports.

Dominic is involved in the casting and production of the videos in his site, and the performers are friends, colleagues and personal favorites of his - professionals as well as amateurs. Of course, we see Dominic in the majority of the scenes, but there are also videos in which we only see his buddies.

After beta testing for a while, Dominic Pacifico (the site) was officially launched very recently, and currently there are 27 full scenes inside the members area. All scenes are dated and the site claims that it will be updated on a weekly basis; so far, the first official update was right on time. When you enter the member's area, you will see the latest content from all three sites inside the network. You will need to select Dominic Pacifico from a drop down menu in the top navigation bar, which will return all the videos from this site.

The videos here are available for download in two formats and even in more qualities. There are two WMV versions, the bigger one sized at 768x432 - then there are five MP4 versions, the biggest one playing at a whopping size of 1920x1080. The videos are free of DRM and play on most mobile devices without any problems. In case you rather watch the videos online, there are five streaming versions available which you can watch directly in your browser. All the videos are good quality with clear sound and visuals. The lighting and camera work are well done, too.

For each scene, there is a short description of the action, some model info and a possibility for members to rate and comment on the scenes. You can add scenes to your own personal playlist with just one click.

Each episode comes with a set of photos, which are actually digital stills of good amateur quality, showing at a size of 664x1000. On average there are 50 to 100 pictures per set, which you can save individually or download in a zip file. There is also a hands-free slideshow option.

The site comes with bonus access to two more sites which belong to the same network - My Gay Boss and My Husband Is Gay. The network gives you access to 193 scenes in total. There is also a link that says Bonus Videos, but it actually just takes you back to the home page, so it seems that there are no bonus videos at this time, but they might be available in the future.

The site is new and could use some growth, but there are no issues in terms of user-friendliness, video quality or navigation except for the bonus videos link already mentioned.

Dominic Pacifico is a new but entertaining site with high quality videos and matching photo sets. Since it offers weekly updates, the site will continue to grow at a steady pace. While content is built around one performer, there is actually quite a lot of variety when it comes to the guys and the action. With the network access, members get access to almost 200 solo and hardcore scenes, so in my opinion a membership is worth the money. This site delivers plenty of Dominic Pacifico as a performer and a producer, along with some of his very hot and horny friends.