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Dominic Ford features lots of gay pornstars including well-known performers like Spencer Reed, Matthew Rush, John Magnum, Cliff Jensen and dozens more. And while most are well-established, there's lots of new and emerging talent. Dominic Ford's tour and member's area are identical, so you see exactly what you're getting - there aren't any surprises. The site has made lots of improvements since we our last review in March 2010, so let's take another look.

Dominic Ford has two main sections: MOVIES, where you find the episodes, and MODELS, previewing the guys appearing on the site. The guys are generally good looking - they are pornstars after all - and their bodies range from slender and well defined to muscular. Most are in their twenties (some are a little more mature in their thirties) and the majority are fairly smooth.

Finding exactly what you like is pretty easy on Dominic Ford. At the top of each episode page you can use their category search to find movies displaying things like boyfriends, hairy guys, jocks, muscled guys, or European guys, to name a few. Then, you can sort results further by date or popularity. The "latest" and "popular" tabs also help filter your category searches and tags on every episode page also help. Free-form searching is missing and that would be helpful.

Of the 185 exclusive videos on Dominic Ford, 29 are solo scenes; the rest are hardcore duos. Dominic Ford is the first gay porn site to film in 3D (more about that later) but you can watch all movies in regular formats. Older releases are available in large (960x540 at around 2.1 Mbps), medium (640x360 @ 1.30 Mbps), and iPhone / iPod versions. Newer releases have dropped the "medium" version but offer a FULL HD version at 1920x1080 at 4 to 6.25 Mbps and an iPad version. Don't feel like downloading? Both standard and 3D videos are available as full scenes in streaming Flash playing at 960x520.

Now let me tell you about the 3D porn experience - it's cool. The 3D videos and pics really do pop and the models seem like they're right in front of you. After a minute of adjusting to the glasses, you really get into the action - those hard cocks look like they're close enough to suck and fucking is like you're between the guy's legs. 3D is a great technology for porn. The 128 3D movies are filmed using a 3D camera, not simply converted from 2D. And you only need a pair of 3D glasses, which Dominic Ford sends free with your membership - you don't need a special screen.

Photo galleries are a mix of digital pictures and 2D and 3D screen grabs available in thumbnail galleries or downloadable zips, but there are no hands-free slideshows. Older photos are small at 400x600; new photos are larger at 640x960 and scale to fit your browser window. If you save or download the pictures, you'll get full-sized versions. There are a dozen to 50+ pictures in each gallery and they're good amateur quality.

Another cool feature at Dominic Ford is that the most recent 125 episodes feature a graphic time line, so you can jump to a particular scene in the movie. Key activities like blowjobs, rimming, fucking, and cum shots are marked on the time line and the jumps are crisp and fast. No buffering!

All memberships to Dominic Ford include a pair of 3D glasses shipped by snail mail. One- and three-month memberships include a pair of standard glasses made from re-enforced cardboard, and a six-month membership gets you an extra premium pair of plastic glasses. You can also buy additional glasses for $3 to $10 on the site. But remember that every video is also available in non-3D versions so you can watch them until your glasses arrive.

A bonus offered on Dominic Ford is the complete two seasons of his reality show, "So You Think You Can Fuck", hosted by handsome bodybuilder Matthew Rush. SYTYCF follows standard reality television format like Big Brother, where contestants compete in challenges ranging from best stripping performance or best pool-sex scene, and lots of other twists and turns. Each episode whittles down the number of guys until there's one left and you help by voting. It's a fun series and available exclusively on the site.

Dominic Ford offers lots of hot hardcore sex and some jack-off action in exclusive, downloadable videos without DRM. The guys are a sexy who's who of gay porn, although there are some newbies, as well. All 185 videos can be watched in standard format, while 128 are available in 3D. The large videos are good quality HD Quicktime videos and there are smaller versions, as well - newer videos come in spectacularly large HD. Weekly Thursday updates happen like clockwork and navigation is a breeze. If you're looking for something really different and very hot, check out Dominic Ford. If you're not into 3D, don't worry, this site is on fire any way you want to look at it.

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