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Dirk Yates started out years ago filming real soldiers and marines ranging from 18 to their mid-20s, most with fit to muscled bodies like you'd expect from military guys. The later studio productions feature up-and-coming and known porn performers of the day, so you can expect porn hunks in their twenties with athletic to muscular bodies (some smooth and others hairy) in parts that have them acting as military personnel in DVD titles like "Barracks Buddies," "Sailors," "Weekend Liberty," and "Anchors Away." As well, some of the videos feature military guys fucking women - not tons, but enough that I should mention it.

There are three distinct periods at Dirk Yates. The first features real military amateurs stopping by the producer's home to unload their nuts in solos, side-by-sides with other marines, or to get head from the producer, and these seem authentic. I remember thinking at the time: "Are these guys crazy? They're going to be thrown out of the military." The second period steps up the action with these military amateurs in blowjob action with each other and more and more fucking. And the third period is the full-on studio productions for All Worlds Video that includes everything you'd expect to watch on a DVD: masturbation, sucking, rimming and fucking in solos, duos, threeways, and groups.

Let me start by telling you about the videos. These are streaming videos sized at 640x480. They are available at several quality levels controlled by a small button on the lower right side of the player, and the best quality levels for the newer vids look pretty good even when enlarged to full screen. The older videos are the same size, but while the best quality option looks okay at its original size, you can expect a loss of sharpness and clarity at full screen, and I wouldn't recommend going full screen with the lower-quality versions. There are no downloadable videos available, and I am unable to tell you the video format as this info is hidden, but I wasn't able to play the videos on my phone. The good news is that Dirk Yates has full streaming servers, so jumping back and forth is quick and seamless.

You'll find videos in three areas: Titles, Shows, and Scenes. The 486 Dirk Yates and All Worlds Videos DVDs are under Titles. But it gets complicated because Chi Chi LaRue's Channel 1 Releasing purchased both catalogs in 2006, so some DVDs carry three brand names and sometimes it's difficult telling what's what. You can play an entire DVD, and the page will also have linked model names, director name (Dirk Yates), and the date the title was added to the site. The Titles section offers the same number of DVDs that they offered when we last reviewed the site.

The second video section is called Shows and it's an archive of 839 exclusive live show reruns. There's a variety of stuff here: auditions and shows (live or not) produced for the web. These feature guys in solo and hardcore action and usually run under 30 minutes. This type of content was often packaged and leased out to porn sites as channels or third-party plugins. Some of these are also live shows produced by Chi Chi LaRue (and again leased out) and these can be quite long from two to three hours. They feature well-known porn performers and professional cam models getting off of camera.

Scenes is the third place you'll find videos, and while some seem to be videos shot for the site, more are individual scenes taken from the 486 DVDs in Titles. There are 579 "scenes" here, and this is where things get a little odd. While the newer scenes are each from around nine to a little over 20 minutes long, the older ones play the entire DVD they're from, which doesn't make a lot of sense, but there you are.

There are no picture galleries on the site. I also can't talk much about the site's updating schedule. The tour says the site updates weekly, and there are 92 more vids than there were about a year and a half ago, but there's no way to confirm how regularly the section is updated. Also, the latest DVD in Titles is a January 2016 production called "Frontal Assault 4" that features six Marines beating off for Dirk's camera. The latest update in Scenes is video called, simply " Vincent," that I suspect was shot for the site. It's worth mentioning that there are the same number of DVDs as there were a year and a half ago, but since there are new additions, it appears that some of the older DVD titles are removed from the site at some point.

Are there any issues here? Yes, a few. I found some of the content misleading. For instance, I watched "Dirk Yates Private Files" and the DVD cover is designed with military colors and dog tags with phrases like "unloading the heavy artillery" or "top secret," but there was no discernible military theme in the movie (no uniforms or settings), just guys having sex in offices, bedrooms, and living rooms. Having said that, there is plenty of legitimate military content here. There are no sorting options, so you can't view the scenes or DVDs by most popular or highest rated. The site's sidebar lists categories that should help you find more content, but black, twink and Latino give you one DVD each and "muscle" gives you a little more than a dozen, so it's pretty hit and miss. The Models section is also useless. There are 23 pages of mostly one-name performers and most offer a black silhouette instead of an actual picture.

The price of the quarterly membership is given as $19.98/month, but it doesn't give the exact charge, and it also doesn't mention if the quarterly membership rebills or not (I'd assume it does and act accordingly). The rebilling price for the trial is given in fine print on the join page but isn't shown on the billing page. And here's something I found on the site terms page that members may want to be aware of: "I agree that Channel 1 Releasing, its agents, partners, and affiliates have the right to use any information that I disclose to them for any purposes they see fit." Does that mean they send me update emails? Advertising? Who knows?

To be sure, Dirk Yates offers quite a lot of amateur marines and soldiers getting off for the cameras, especially in the early sessions which are the site's strongest feature. There's are also a lot of military-themed content here that features studio productions of performers playing military guys, and there's also lots of video that doesn't fit into either category, so you'll have to keep an open mind. There are scenes from 486 DVDs on Dirk Yates and those 839 archived live shows as well, so there's quite a bit to see here, and I doubt you could get through it in a month or even two.

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