Daddy Lamar

Reviewed by on 10 May 2010

60 score out of 100
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Daddy Lamar is a vigorous silver-haired daddy who's almost 80 and still loves to fuck, suck and shoot his load on camera. He got into the adult industry in 2000, the year he turned 70 and became one of the best known - and horniest - older men in gay porn. His site features him, his older friends and the men who can't get enough of them.

The tour and member area of Daddy Lamar share the same layout and menuing. The main difference is members get access to the content listed on the upper right where non-members only get access to the previews. This is pretty cool as it means potential members can get a peek at everything. Both members and non members are shown ads for the Daddy Lamar DVDs in various places throughout the site, but members have full access to everything in the red links at the upper right side of the pages.

There are currently 100 videos inside Daddy Lamar, each featuring at least one and sometimes two mature daddies. This is 17 more videos than our last visit 14 months ago, so it appears that the site adds a new video just over once a month.

The videos here are WMVs that are available in 3 sizes - 56kb, 250kb and 600kb. Those aren't the actual bitrates of the movies, but they're pretty close. The movies are streaming-only and play smoothly with very good sound and are DRM-free. The best quality videos are the 600k vids, which are actually 581k and are shown at 640x480. These are better quality than you'd expect from that bitrate - they're what I'd consider good amateur quality. That means that they look pretty good but aren't as sharp and clear as as a pro quality video. None of the videos are offered for download, and if you want to go full screen, I'd definitely recommend the 600kb videos, which lose some quality when enlarged, but the other two sizes don't look too good when enlarged.

The Daddy Lamar pics can be found in the section called Hunks and Gallery, which is the model index. In it, there are 185 guys, each listed with a name and a thumb. Each guy has his own page with a brief profile and what reads like a personal ad, and a few include contact info. You can also see smallish but hot pics of the model one at a time by hitting next at the top of each pic. There are links on the left side of the page under Stories to all the model's videos in the site while on the right are links to buy the videos he appears in.

Gallery is another pic section. In it, you'll find plenty of non-exclusive pics from other sites organized by category. That means that instead of seeing one model in his own gallery, you can find 2 pics of him in the Muscles category, 2 of him in Tatoos. 1 in Armpits, 3 in Big Cocks and 1 in Cumshots. The pics are on the smaller side and some are sharp while others are not. There are 46 categories total.

I had a couple issues with the site. The first is the slowness of the updates and the other is that the site is rather heavy on the ads. Every single video page has a link to buy the DVD and a banner ad on the left. There's also a tab leading to pay per view in addition to the pay per view and DVD store links in the header. Still, I didn't find it a real problem.

Daddy Lamar is a great place to see silver-haired older men from their 40s to their 70s as they fuck, suck and shoot their loads. The 100 videos are fairly average quality, although they're not downloadable. There are also the stories with text, and pics taken from each movie, pics of each of the men plus a large collection of sort of random pics. The site seems to update just over once a month and is a little heavy on the ads, but even so, if mature men are your thing, I recommend you check out the Daddy Lamar tour - I think you'll like what you see there!

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