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I'm going to start off this review off by telling you that I took a quick peek inside Club Bisexual, and it's one of the largest bisexual sites I've seen - in fact, maybe the biggest. The tour claims that the site updates with 2 new videos per week, which would be very nice, and also that the site offers DVD quality movies, which I'm a little doubtful of. Even so, this site looks like it's gonna be a winner. If you love bisexual and MMF action, join me for a closer look at the Club Bisexual member area!

There are 6 navigation links near the top of the main member page, and every one links to content except the support link. Below them on the left are ads to sponsors and a link to sign up for a newsletter. In the middle of the page are the recent updates with dates on each of the updates so I can see that there have been 14 full videos and a story added to the site in the last two months.

Two months ago the site was updating weekly, but since then it's been adding two vids each week. On the right side of the page is a member poll, the hall of fame for the best voted videos, and thumbs for the next few coming attractions. Club Bisexual has over 600 videos listed, which is pretty damn good for a bisexual site. While most of the videos listed are full scenes, some are only part of a full scene, but it's probably safe to say that there are at least 400 full scenes here.

I was pretty happy with the video options at Club Bisexual, even though they weren't DVD quality. The best quality videos are the large WMVs. These are shown at 512x384 with a bitrate of around 1.57 Mbps. These look good, although they lose some sharpness if you go full screen. Next comes the medium sized MPGs with a screen size of 320x240 and look pretty good, although they don't enlarge as well as the WMVs. And last are the streaming Flash videos, which are new since our last visit. These are shown at 480x360, and they also look good. All the videos are DRM-free, have good sound and play smoothly, and the WMVs and MPGs are downloadable.

Beside being offered at good quality, the videos here are varied. Some are made in the U.S. and some in Europe. Some are in english, some are not. The scenes are shot indoors, outdoors, in typical porn sets and in homes. Most of the videos are fairly well lit and include both guys and girls sucking cocks and getting fucked. While a lot of the videos here are M/M/F, there are some that are F/F/M, some foursomes and a few that feature guys getting fucked by girls wearing strap-ons.

The photo section has grown a lot since our last visit as there are currently 153 pic sets. These are digital stills and are pretty large, shown at around 683x1024. The newer pics are good quality, older are average, lighting and production values are good amateur stuff and the performers look like they're having a great time. Each set is offered in a zip file if you want to save the entire thing. There is also a story collection of about 40 stories that look like they were written for the site, and most feature bisexual action.

For those looking for even more porn, Club Bisexual offers a collection of about 75 bi-themed stories. There are 63 video feeds. These are offered in a wide variety of categories from shemale to ATM to party sex to gay. While there is no M/M/F content here, there is a lot of smut to keep members busy between updates.

One thing I didn't love about Club Bisexual is that all the videos - and we're talking about over 600 of them - are listed on a single very long page, each listed only with a single thumb. There are no titles, no dates, no names of performers. Still, it's not a deal breaker, and I didn't run into any real issues.

Club Bisexual delivers a large collection of over 600 bisexual - mostly M/M/F - movies that can be downloaded and do not use DRM. They videos good stuff, and the site also offers 153 bisexual pic sets and about 75 bi stories. The site has been updating twice a week for the last month and a half. And let's not forget their good sized feeds section. If you love watching bisexual guys with girls in 3somes or moresomes, why not check out Club Bisexual? I think bi porn lovers will like what they find there.

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