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CFNM EU stands for Clothed Female Naked Male Europe, and features straight and bisexual guys who are stripped, played with, humiliated, fucked, and sometimes put in bondage by women who consider men their playthings. The guys are good-looking Europeans in their twenties (a few could be in their early thirties) with slender to athletic bodies, and some of them are fairly muscular. Most of the males have smooth chests, but some have hairy bellies, thighs, or unshaven pubes, and since they're from the EU, most have uncut cocks.

There are some interesting scenarios where the men get naked while the women keep some clothes on, they stay in authority, too. Imagine a female doctor examining a male patient or a female airport security agent in uniform checking out a suspicious man. There's the waiter who failed to satisfy with his service and the peeping Tom getting taught a lesson, and even a guy who simply wants a massage who puts himself into the hands of the wrong masseuse. You get the idea.

Or sometimes there are two men who are simultaneously forced, used and then made to jerk off in front of each other or even being made to rim the other guy to entertain the watching women. You can expect forced sex including chicks fucking a guy's ass with large strap-ons and butt plugs, men getting hard hand spankings, guys tied up and exposed or having no choice but to service demanding females. The men may get their cocks sucked and may get to fuck, but the women are always the ones in charge.

CFNM EU currently offers 91 full scenes which are broken into multiple clips - usually 4 - and each clip is used as a separate weekly update. The newer videos are added across 4 weeks as clips and then the full scene is added as a bonus update. There's also the first quarter of another scene listed. That means it usually takes 4 weeks for all 4 parts of a video to be added, and if you want to download the full video, you will have to wait a few more days.

The newer videos are good quality. They're offered in 2 sizes of downloadable MP4s, the larger of which is sized at 1920x1080 and the smaller is still good sized and listed as being for "Apple and Android Devices." The newer vids are also available in 1 size of streaming MP4 sized at 640x360, and these actually enlarge very well. The older videos are fairly good to good amateur quality, and are available in WMV and MP4, the WMVs at either 1080x720 or 1920x1080 depending on age of the video, and there are also MP4s that should play on most mobiles, and these are sized at 960x544. They can also be streamed, although these don't enlarge as well as the new vids. While the videos aren't in English, the dialogue is offered in subtitles.

CFNM EU also offers 264 photo sets - 219 sets in Video Galleries and 45 in Model Galleries. The newer pics in the Video Galleries section are good quality, sharp and clear, and sized at 900x506. The older pics are decent quality digital stills sized at 666x1000, and while these aren't bad, they lack the sharpness of the newer pics. Each gallery in Video Galleries is from half a full scene. The Model Galleries feature glamour and softcore pics that show off the guys really well, and the pics are fairly good amateur (older pics) to good quality (newer). All picture sets can be downloaded in zip files, enjoyed as hands-free slideshows or individually downloaded.

While this site doesn't have any major issues, there are some things worth mentioning. There's a pre-checked email offer on the join page, but it's easy to uncheck if you don't want to receive emails. I found it frustrating that the site allows you to only navigate one page forward or back at a time, which means it takes 19 clicks to get to the last page of video listings. There are no scene descriptions, although the model galleries do tell us a little about the male performers. And as mentioned, while the site updates weekly, each update is only a quarter of a full scene and the full version is added a couple days after the last quarter. That means there's only one full scene added per month.

One last thing you may want to know is that while a lot of the older videos often feature 2 or 3 women and sometimes 2 men, all the recent updates are duos featuring 1 woman controlling 1 man. The most recent video featuring more than 2 performers was added almost a year and a half ago. I find the recent updates more intimate, and the female can focus more on the man and how to treat him, but I did miss the extra humiliation of guys being exposed to more than 1 woman and the humiliation of being forced to perform with another man.

CFNM EU delivers exclusive content of guys getting naked for the pleasure of the women who take control of them, humiliate them, punish them, and force them to perform sexually. The 91 downloadable videos are broken into 4 parts each, and the newer vids are also offered as full scenes. The site adds one quarter of a full scene (about 12 to 14 minutes of video) each week. There are also pic sets. The plots and action here are creative, and watching the guys exposed, used, punished and made to do all sorts of things may make you squirm, but in a good way. CFNM EU offers up straight and bisexual men with uncut cocks who under the control of sexually predatory women, fucked by dildos, teased and tormented - and it's hot to watch.

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