Reviewed by on 30 Jun 2011

70 score out of 100
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For those who appreciate a niche where there is some substantial compromise with classic male dignity, CFNM is an interesting site. CFNM stands for Clothed Female Naked Male, and there is definite humiliation here, much of it highly sexual. The situations routinely involve women humiliating and using men at their whim, let that be known right off the top. The women are attractive ladies who stay dressed and who seduce or coerce men into nakedness in full view of themselves in groups or even solo. What typically occurs then is an exploration of the naked guys, including substantial fondling of cocks and often either masturbation, dildos or hand jobs.

Upon entering CFNM, one gets the sensation of a monstrously large site with abundant episodes, all unique and exclusive and updated twice each week. Roaming through it is something of a chore, because the navigation is counter-intuitive, and sometimes misleading. In fact, when I went to the video section, I was redirected to what surprised me as being a completely different site called This is a separate subscription video site. I confess, it sort of shocked me since I believed I had full member access. Well, it turns out I did, but only the newer episodes include video.

Here is what it does have: Pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. I counted about 620 different updates, with from 30 to over 80 pics per update. Many of the updates, however, are each only part of a full scene - some full scenes are presented in 1 or 2 parts, but many are broken into 5 or even 9 updates. It takes anywhere from 6 to 11 updates to complete the newer episodes, and the updates aren't done in order, so it can take as many as 22 weeks to finish adding a single episode to the site.

There are around 245 full stories offered in sections on the left under Contents, or the A to Z gallery contains all the episodes in one place. Some of the same full episodes are listed in the RECENT STORIES and CLASSIC STORIES sections, but I found the A to Z section to be the most comprehensive.

Now, these pictures are episodic and they follow closely the story as it unfolds. Having said that, it was impossible to decide after checking a number of pics in various galleries whether the pics are all horizontal digital stills or really good quality vidcaps. I can tell you that the photos are shown at from 600x800 at average quality to 1100x618, which is nice and large, but just a tiny bit oversharpened - the quality of pictures is just good but not great. Considering the site is pics-only, I was surprised to find there were no slideshows of downloadable zip files available.

The newer episodes include both streaming and downloadable video clips. The downloadable clips are in WMV format, the newer ones shown at 960x540 with bitrates up to 3 Mbps plus one smaller size, and the older vids shown at 640x360 at around 1.4 Mbps. The streaming videos, which are in Flash format, are about the same size. I found the video quality to be good amateur or sometimes higher, with good sound, and the videos are DRM-free.

The primary draw is in the stripping and humiliation of these universally good-looking guys. The exposure of the man supplies the excitement - and there is really nothing left out; every square inch of a man's body and his parts is exposed. When I say "nothing gets left out" - I mean naked men get explored totally and in some depth. I must add that they get used, as well. These scenes definitely have something to offer various tastes, from gay to straight and include some BDSM. This area of humiliation and domination can be rich in tension and in the gradual deterioration of male authority as it proceeds from expectation to a sort of horrified compliance - and sometimes pleasure.

The element of confusion in the males of these episodes figures prominently as they find themselves perplexed enough by the contrast of the authority figures they face and the compromising situations they find themselves asked to fulfill. Eventually, the guys find themselves in utterly compromising positions, from being bent over and kissing shoes to having dildos pushed up their asses. In more than one episode, a large flexible dildo is forced into a guy's mouth and he is forced by the ladies who hold them to suck as they encourage his style. Mocking and some sissification is rampant.

There's also a forum where members can discuss the site, their fantasies or just hang out. There are also a number of complaints about some of the issues.

For one thing, while the site is picture-rich and updates frequently, members wanting to see the videos that go with the older pic sets have to join another site to see them. For another thing, each update, although sometimes including a good number of pics, is not a full episode but rather a part of an episode, so if you like a particular episode, you may have to stick around for weeks to see the conclusion.

I find myself conflicted about CFNM. While the actual episodes are exclusive, and updates, while not full episodes, are added at a good clip and develop stories with some actual care and attention, the lack of videos for many updates was disappointing. On the other hand, the niche is pure, inasmuch as they never stray from the concept itself. While CFNM has some of the best CFNM themes and action I've seen, I found membership to be on the pricy side. Still, if price is no object and you're into pics of males being stripped and humiliated for fully dressed - and often horny - women, CFNM is definitely worth checking out!

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