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The British Boys Fetish Club has expanded since our last visit, now previewing 3 episodes and offering 4 sample videos. The tour shows spanking, caning and paddling and twinks with red asses. The join page does tell us to expect exclusive content, 2 weekly updates, downloadable movies and says that the newest videos are shot in "full HD". There's no specifics about video formats or sizes, and it's been a while since we last visited the site, so what are we waiting for? Join me as I log in and see what's new inside the member area.

The member area of British Boys Fetish Club is very simple. On the top of the page on the right is a dropdown menu with a category list, on the left is a tab that will take you back to the member home page from any page in the site. And below are the latest updates, top rated episodes and the episodes that are coming soon. The site offers 300 videos in 13 categories - 10 fetish categories and 3 non-fetish categories. There have been 202 videos added since our last visit 3 1/2 years ago, which adds up to a little over 1 update per week, and until recently the site used to add new content once a week.

The videos here are DRM-free, and are offered as both streaming and downloadable WMV's. The newest are indeed full HD, shown at 1920x1080 with a bitrate of 4.4 Mbps, and it's not surprising that these are good quality. The very oldest videos are shown at 320x240 with a bitrate of 512k, and these are good amateur quality at their original size, but the streaming versions are pulled out of shape by the player. And some of the fairly recent vids are shown at 720x576 with a 1.55 Mbps bitrate, and I'd say these are also good amateur quality. Some of the videos might look a little better, but the lighting isn't always all it could be, although I could always see the action in the videos I downloaded.

Not only can the boys here take a serious spanking, but they sometimes get jacked off after their asses are warmed up and red. Many of the guys are cutie pies, mostly getting spanked and then stroked by men over 40, and probably over 50. I'm not sure whether the twinks and older men here are British or not, but I do know 2 things - there are lots of uncut cocks here, and there's very little dialogue. What there is hard to guess what the accents are. The content categories quickly shows that this site is mostly dedicated to lads getting spanked, caned and paddled, although there's some tickling, hardcore gay sex and guys jacking off. There are also some foot fetish videos, but this site is mostly about bare-bottom spankings and getting off than about any particular fetishes.

I would have liked to see dates on the episodes, or at least on the latest updates shown on the member home page, but there is no way to know exactly when each update was added. I did run into a few missing thumbs in the video listings, and sometimes links might be misplaced on a page, but neither of these things are big issues.

British Boys Fetish Club offers spanking enthusiasts a pretty good collection of content. There are some other fetishes here, including foot worship, tickling and trampling, but mostly the content is for those into good old-fashioned OTK spankings, including of bare-bottom spanking done by hand, brush, paddle and more. The 300 videos here are downloadable and DRM-free, the newer videos bigger and better than the old ones. The site apparently recently started updating twice a week, but there's no dates to know when new content is actually added. I'm not sure the twinks here are British, but they do seem to be European, and that means uncut cocks. The bottom line - if you love watching lads get spanked hard and stroked by older men, British Boys Fetish Club is definitely worth a look.

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