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Boys on the Prowl brings back one of my favorite gay reality theme; horny guys in a van picking up hot amateurs by the side of the road and having sex in the back seat. The dudes here are mostly slim regular-guy types, cute but not gorgeous, and they're British, which means two things; sexy accents and uncut cocks, a definite plus for foreskin fans. Most of the models are college-aged; some of the performers are smooth, others a little hairy, some of the guys have tattoos while others are clean cut.

Most of the videos start the same way; two guys in the back of a van looking for someone new to play with find a hottie on the street, offer him a ride, and you can guess the rest. Groping, kissing, sucking and fucking - not to mention guys shooting their loads right there in the back seat. And it's worth mentioning that not only is the action fun and hot, but the videos have the best lighting I've seen in this kind of video. BTW, while most of the scenes here are the "guys in a van" thing, there is a little variety to keep things fresh - three of the videos don't take place in a van, but there's still plenty of action.

Boys on the Prowl offers 27 videos, 1 less than the site had over a year and a half ago. While the site is updating, it appears to be recycling the existing updates judging by the lack of growth. In fact, the oldest update is dated 2014, yet we last reviewed the site in 2013. That being said, the videos have been remastered - there are no more WMVs, but some of the vids are offered in bigger MP4s, though some are not.

The videos are DRM-free and available in downloadable MP4 format, the best sized at either 640x360 or 1920x1080 at good amateur quality, impressive since most of the vids are shot in a vehicle. The site also offers smaller sizes for those that need them that should be compatible with most mobiles that play MP4s. There's also a streaming version of each vid that's similar in size to the largest downloadable versions, and while offered in multiple qualities, I'd stick with the highest unless you're on a slower internet connection. The videos do lose a little quality when expanded to full screen, but they're still quite watchable.

Each video comes with a set of pics. These are good quality mostly digital stills sized at 600x860, although a few sets sized at 640x360 may be good quality screencaps. Either way, the pics are satisfying, show off the guys and the action, and can be enjoyed as hands-free slideshows or downloaded as zip files.

When it comes to extras, full members get access to 7 gay bonus sites from the same network, including twink sites like Tasty Twink and Boynapped (twinks and kink), plus amateur and boyfriend sites like Real Gay Couples and Self Sucking BFs. There's also 38 bonus videos, each with a set of pics. One last thing I really liked is that members also get access to the mobile version of Boys on the Prowl.

The network has a model index, and it's easy to select just this site so you can view the Boys on the Prowl models. Each has a profile, a brief description and links to his content.

Nothing in life is perfect, and we did find a few issues here. First off, as mentioned, is that while the site appears to be updating, in reality it hasn't grown any larger in a year and a half - it just recycles existing episodes and even at that, it's been about 6 weeks since an update was added. Then there's a pre-checked offer on the join page, and also trial members get limited access to what the site has to offer. Luckily members have access to all the bonus sites.

Boys on the Prowl offering horny guys, sex that's not only dirty but also fun and lots of uncut cocks. The site now offers 27 good amateur quality videos that can be streamed, downloaded and plays on most mobiles. Each episode comes with a set of pics, and there's enough bonus material to keep members busy. And that's a good thing, as this site hasn't grown any larger in over a year and a half, and hasn't added even a recycled update in a month and a half. Despite the lack of update, I can tell you that Boys on the Prowl offers sexy English guys in backseat threesomes, and since I'm a fan of gay reality porn, I enjoyed what the site has to offer.

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