Boys Pee Pee

Reviewed by on 14 Apr 2011

65 score out of 100
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Today we're getting in on the launch of a brand new gay piss site called Boys Pee Pee. This site offers twinks, gay sex and pissing in exclusive downloadable videos and photos. The tour promises no download limits, weekly updates and multiple video sizes and formats including vids suitable for dialup users. They also say that the member area supplies model contact info.

The Boys Pee Pee member home page is clean and easy to use, with the latest updates on the right and future updates on the left. There are currently 15 episodes, each with videos and pics. The dates may seem strange till you remember that the site just launched, and the up and coming updates are listed a week apart, both scheduled to go live this month, so we'll check back. In the meantime, let's go check out the content!

The videos here are well-lit, crisp and clear, so watching them is a pleasure. The movies DRM-free, and are offered in both downloadable WMV and streaming Flash, each shown in both HD and standard. The larger WMV's are shown at 1440x1080 with a bitrate of around 4 Mbps, and the smaller are shown at 720x540 at 1.59 Mbps. Both look good, but the HD versions look very good. The Flash vids are shown at 960x540 at 2 quality levels, but the HD definitely looks sharper. Sound is good for both formats.

Each Boys Pee Pee video comes with a set of pics. These are digital stills shown at 853x1280, and the pics are also sharp and clear, but once in a while I'd run into some lens distortion, although not too often. All the pic sets I checked had over 150 photos, and although the pic sets aren't offered in zip files, there are hands-free slideshows that I like because of the large number of pics per set - it's almost like watching a movie.

The Boys Pee Pee models are European twinks with smooth bodies. Most are cute with uncut cocks, which is always a plus. A lot of the videos start with dialogue, and while it's obvious the gus aren't native English speakers, they do to speak and understand it, although with accents. There's plenty of sucking and fucking here - more than pissing in some cases, and the wet action takes place in wading pools. As mentioned, lighting is good, which and there's nothing to distract from the gay sex, peeing and cumshots.

I ran into some issues here. There were a couple other claims that went unmet. First, there is no model contact info that I can find, and also of none of the videos were even close to suitable for dialup users. Even the lowest quality would take ages for dialup users to download. And last, while piss sites are always on the pricy side, I'd have preferred more content or lower prices.

Boys Pee Pee does offer some cute Euro twinks sucking, fucking and pissing on each other, not to mention lots of uncut cocks. The site is off to a good start with 15 HD videos are big and high quality, and the pics are good, too, and since the site just launched, hopefully we'll be seeing regular weekly updates. You don't see a lot of gay piss sex videos this well-lit or in HD, so if you don't mind the prices or smaller site size, Boys Pee Pee is worth checking out.

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