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Reviewed by on 6 Nov 2014

53 score out of 100
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Today we're checking on a gay piss site called Boys Pee Pee. This site offers twinks, gay sex and pissing in exclusive downloadable videos and photos. Most of the models are European twinks and jocks with smooth bodies - most are cute with uncut cocks, which is always a plus. But a few of the performers are amateurs, and one eager bottom is a chub who appears in more than one video. While it's obvious the guys aren't native English speakers, they do to speak and understand it, although with accents.

There's plenty of sucking and fucking here - more gay sex than pissing in some cases, and the wet action takes place in wading pools or a bathtub. There are golden showers in each video, as well as duo and threesome sucking and fucking, and in two scenes there are foursomes. The lighting and production values are pretty good, which means there's nothing to distract from the gay sex, peeing and cumshots.

Boys Pee Pee offers 19 exclusive videos, just 4 more than there were over 3 years ago. It's worth noting that every update is dated with a date at least 2 years later than when the site launched, so it appears they're putting newer dates on older content so new members will think the site updates.

The movies DRM-free, and have been remastered so they're now all offered at good amateur quality in MP4 format. The newer vids are offered at full HD, and the older at 655x480, and both newer and older vids also come in 2 lower quality versions that are the same size as the highest quality videos. That means that the newer mobile vids may not play on all smaller screen devices, as they may be too high resolution, but the older should play fine and all the vids should play on most tablets. There are also streaming versions of the videos for those who prefer it.

Six of the Boys Pee Pee videos come with a set of pics. These are digital stills shown at 853x1280, and the pics are also sharp and clear. All the pic sets I checked had over 150 photos and although the downloadable zip files are missing, there are hands-free slideshows that I like because of the large number of pics per set - it's almost like watching a movie.

Boys Pee Pee members get access to 4 more sites from the same gay porn network - Crazy Party Boys, Under Construction Boys, Cum to My Ass and Red Ass Twinks. While it's nice to get some extra content, all the sites are small so they add 110 videos for members - 129 total counting the Boys Pee Pee videos.

The site does have some issues. First off, while the dates on the updates are current, there are only 4 more videos than there were over 3 years ago, and while I do appreciate the remastered videos, the newer "mobile" versions won't work on most cell phones. Next, while each photo set has a link to a zip file, all the zip files are missing in this site and all of the bonus sites, as well.

Boys Pee Pee offers exclusive content featuring cute Euro twinks (plus a few jocks and a chub) sucking, fucking and pissing on each other, not to mention lots of uncut cocks. The site offers 19 videos, which is only 4 more than there were in early 2011, but the videos are DRM-free and downloadable, and 6 of them come with large sets of good quality pics. While the bonus sites do add more vids for members, none of them are piss-themed. Still, you don't see a lot of gay piss sex videos this well-lit or in HD, so if you don't mind the prices or smaller site size, Boys Pee Pee could be worth a visit.

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