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Reviewed by on 11 Jul 2013

44 score out of 100
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Boys on the Web features cute and horny twinks including the more famous twinks in gay porn from a few years ago. Some content is exclusive and some is not. If real-life couple "supertwinks" Kyros Christian and Dillon Samuels as well as pornstar Sammy Case ring a bell, and you love hotties like these, Boys on the Web could be to your liking. The majority of the guys here are smooth, slender and between the ages of 18-24. The tour shows promises 60 bonus sites, live feeds, weekly updates and full access to Badpuppy - one of the oldest and largest gay sites on the web.

The guys are most certainly hot, and some are quite well-hung. The videos and pics have some pretty nasty action going on, too - Sucking, rimming, fucking and even some cum-eating, light fetish, kink and BDSM. Most of the sexier and kinkier stuff happens in the pics sets and short non-exclusive video clips, but I preferred the full scenes and the Sammy Case videos, as I'm a fan of the Supertwinks and Sammy, and the other boys there are likely to turn on twink lovers.

Boys on the Web currently offers 31 downloadable, DRM-free videos, only 7 more than there were in 2009; there are also 199 photo sets, 13 more than in 2009. The newest WMVs and MP4s (how much newer is anybody's guess) are sized at 1280x720, the almost new WMVs at 720x480 and the older sized at 320x240 (WMVs) and 640x480 (MP4s). Video quality runs from low average to good amateur quality, sound is good and playback is smooth. It's also worth mentioning that the newest episodes come with M4Vs to play on your mobile - the older MP4s should also work on cell phones and handhelds including iPhone, iPad and Android.

As mentioned, there are 199 pic sets. There's a lot of variation between them when it comes to size, quality or even how well the pics show off the guys and the action. The newest pics are the largest, sized at around 939x1233, and quality is pretty good. The almost-new pics are smaller, shown at 453x600 at average quality, and the oldest pics are pretty small, some as small as 312x450 at amateur quality. There are no downloadable zip files available, and although some of the pic sets allow right clicking to save individual photos, some don't.

Probably the best thing about Boys on the Web is that members get access to gay megasite Badpuppy, possibly the oldest gay member site on the web. Badpuppy not only offers tons of its own content, but members also get access to a bunch of smaller bonus sites like this one, including plenty of twinks, btw, so the bonuses really add value for members. Other extras include a Badpuppy bonus site, Boardwalk Bar XXX, that has a daily live feed at a male strip club. There's also links to live cams that do charge for one-on-one, but offer plenty of live guys to chat with.

This site does have some issues to be aware of. First is that the site doesn't seem to be updating, although the 3 newest videos do appear to be fairly recent. There's no dates on the content nor is an update schedule listed. Navigation can be confusing, since most of the links shown in the member area actually lead to bonus stuff or things to buy. And every single freaking video has a link to pay to download it from a VOD site and another link to buy the DVD. One last annoyance is that all but the first page of videos list only 3 videos per page, so it takes 8 clicks to get to the last video page even though there's only 31 movies.

One last thing is that the tour offers HD videos, but only a few (three, I believe) of the videos are HD - the rest are standard.

Boys on the Web gets a mixed review. The 31 DRM-free downloadable full scenes feature cute twinks including some porn stars. While the guys were between 18 and 24 when the videos were shot, some are probably over 30 by now, but in these vids they're still horny and boyish. Some of the older videos are either small or so-so quality, but overall I enjoyed the action. The 199 pic sets are all over the map, with quality from amateur to pretty good, sizes from small to pretty large. The site has barely grown in several years, so I doubt it updates any longer. Navigation is a mess and there are misleading links and banner ads scattered throughout. In my opinion, while the twinks at Boys on the Web are hot, the best thing about this site is that members get full Badpuppy access.

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