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Boys Nation features lots of hot European guys and heaps of uncut cocks, and I love both. The site is cleanly, professionally, and slickly designed and has lots of good-looking and hung guys on their tour, so I was pretty anxious to get inside and check things out.

As I mentioned, most of the guys on Boys Nation are European, but there are some American guys, as well. Some are twinks mostly in their early twenties with slender and largely smooth bodies, but there are some athletic bodies, too. There are a few muscle hunks, but not a lot; you'll also find regular guys with average bodies. There are lots of nice, big dicks and plenty of foreskin, but you'll find average sized cocks, too. Each episode has a fairly decent description of the action, and the model names are linked so you can find more appearances by the guys you like.

The action is pretty standard fare - kissing, sucking, rimming, fucking and cumming. Of the latest 24 updates, 18 are duos, 3 feature threeways and groups and 3 are solos; 8 of those scenes were filmed outdoors. Most of the videos open with some kind of a storyline; one hiker stumbles across another or a couple of guys are sunning themselves by the pool or three guys are on a camping trip. The openings are usually pretty quick and don't keep us waiting long for the action to start. Because a lot of these videos are European productions, many of them have subtitles. The videos are taken from a variety of DVDs, and some of the newer vids may be semi-exclusive.

Boys Nation has grown to 204 videos, and the site currently adds a new video every Thursday. The newer videos are offered in MP4 format and are sized at 960x540 in 2 quality levels, and either should play on most newer mobiles as well as most computers. The older videos are offered in WMV and usually QuickTime formats; some vids offer the WMVs at 720x544 plus 2 smaller sizes, but at least one video only offered the WMV at 320x240. The QuickTimes are 720x540. Streaming videos are MP4s that play in a Flash-based player. Most videos here are full scenes, although a few are broken into a couple updates, and video quality is mostly average or a little above average.

A feature I really liked about the streaming videos is the "lights out" function. It darkens the rest of the page so you can focus on the videos.

The site also offers 241 picture sets. Most of these are digital stills ranging from 640x415 for the older pics to 1280x800 for the larger - quality ranges from above average to good. Some of these pics were filmed during video production, others are just stock photos of similar types of guys. Most are action, but there are a few solos. A few sets of older pics are average quality screencaps, but while the digital stills are available in downloadable zip files, the screencaps are not.

Does this site have any issues? Honestly, not many. There is a pre-checked email offer on the join page, so if you don't want to receive emails, just untick that. It appears that trial members may only be able to stream the videos, not download them. And yes, the older content isn't as good in quality as the newer, although that's normal.

What I liked about Boys Nation was the horny guys slender, average and athletic bodies as well as plenty of juicy uncut cocks. I love European guys and these mostly Czech twinks, amateurs and jocks were right up my alley. The site is very nicely designed and stays out of your way so you can enjoy the models and the action. And with 204 videos, 241 pic sets and weekly updates, I was pretty happy with what I found here. If you like Euro guys in their twenties and plenty of sucking and fucking, Boys Nation is worth a visit.

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