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Boys Club For Men focuses on amateur Euro guys in bareback action. The theme is that a group of men with a taste for strange cock pick up all sorts of guys from rentboys to college students to amateurs next door, then suck their dicks and get fucked. The men in question are daddies - or as they say on the tour, rich old bastards", but the boys aren't exactly twinks - they're a mix of slender and average guys and a couple muscle hunks. And it appears that not only are these pickups willing to get sucked and fuck for money or a thrill, but they're willing to do it on camera.

The action here is gritty - some might even say sleazy - which adds to the dirty, back-alley feel of the videos. The street connections, the financial negotiations in some of the videos, it all adds up to the most realistic rentboy pickups I've seen. One of the videos actually does have a street boy getting sucked in a dark alley, and if you love it down and dirty, it doesn't get much better than that.

Boys Club For Men currently offers 12 videos, and since there are no dates on the episodes nor is there an update schedule, I'm not sure when or how often new content is added. The videos are full scenes, are available as streaming Flash and are sized at around 552x360. Quality is good amateur, although some of the indoor footage gets pretty dark. Expect some loss of sharpness when enlarging the streaming videos. The downloadable vids are larger but lower in quality

Each episode also comes with a set of pics. These are sized at 2640x1760 or even larger, and the 2 varying sizes make me think that each set (that is downloadable in a zip file) contains both digital stills and screencaps. Quality here is a bit of a mish-mash, as some of the photos are good amateur quality, where others are blurry. Each set has well over 100 pics, but I'd have preferred less but better quality pics that were hand-chosen. One other thing about the pics is that the galleries shown on the site pages only offer a small selection of photos - if you want to see all of them, you'll need to download the zip files.

While this site could use some growth, it didn't have a lot of issues, although the lack of update schedule did leave me wondering. I did find the streaming videos paused frequently to buffer, and I tested my internet connection and checked their download speeds. It appears the site may need more bandwidth, but this may change as it grows. I was happier downloading the videos that could be downloaded and watching them - too bad that some of the videos are streaming-only. A few other things worth mentioning is that although there's a CHAT link on all the pages, when you click it it says COMING SOON. When you click the BLOG link, you aren't taken to a blog, but to a page to leave your own message.

One last thing that I did find an issue is that I was unable to fast forward the streaming videos. Since I prefer to watch videos I've downloaded, this isn't always a problem for me, but since half the videos here aren't offered for download, the combined lack of ability to fast forward and the pauses for buffering were annoying.

Boys Club For Men could better have been called Rentboys For Men. While not all the guys picked up are hookers, many are, and the daddies doing the pickups tend to be a little heavy and middle-aged. The action is gritty and raw, and half the videos are downloadable, and despite any mention of how often updates occur and the small size of the site, the action here is really HOT. And the $13.95 monthly prices helps to make up for the smallishness of the offerings. The bottom line - if you're looking for rentboys, European guys (uncut cocks!) or street pickups, Boys Club For Men is definitely worth checking out!

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