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Boy Fun Collection is a megasite that hosts thousands of videos and picture sets of hot twinks and horny college-aged boys. The site was launched in 1999 and it is probably the largest twink site on the web. The models here are between 18 and 24 years old; they have smooth, slender bodies and of course rock hard cocks. Some of the guys here are cute, some handsome and some are average boys next door. Some are pretty well hung, too, and you will find a lot of uncut cocks.

Nearly all the guys at Boy Fun Collection are amateurs, and since there are over two thousand different models, there is a tons of variety. You'll find horny blondes, sexy redheads, Asians, Latinos, and black guys. Whether you are looking for slightly muscular guys, lean twinks, emo boys, nerds, guys with smooth bodies or boys with rock hard cocks, this site has has plenty of them.

The action here is mixed. Many of the vids are solos where the guys strip naked, rub out their loads and some have fun with sex toys. Luckily, due to the enormous size of this site, there's still plenty of hardcore stuff where the guys suck and fuck each other in duos and even threesomes. If you are into horny twinks with smooth bodies, then read on as I am going to tell you what a membership to Boy Fun Collection includes.

Boy Fun Collection currently offers a staggering 3,649 videos, and that number keeps growing rapidly because the site adds new and exclusive videos four days a week - occasionally five; there were 21 videos added last month and 22 the month before, and a new photo set is added five times a week as well. Since this site has been filming videos for more than a decade and because video equipment and video standards keep improving, the formats and sizes of the videos are not always identical.

The newest videos are available for downloads as MP4 files, the largest sized at 1280x720, and the smallest version is optimized for use on mobile devices. Older videos are offered in WMV files at a size between 640x480 and 720x400. Some of the oldest videos from the beginning are only 320x240 and the quality isn't great either, although they were good for their time. The videos are DRM-free, which means they'll play for Mac users, and will continue to play after your membership has expired.

You can also choose to stream the newer videos online in MP4 format. The streaming videos were introduced in early 2009. All videos before that date are only available as downloads. The video player shows the newer videos at a size of 720x400, while the older videos are being offered at 640x480. The player lets you watch the videos in full-screen mode if desired. Some of the older videos are of lesser quality and enlarging them any further isn't recommended.

You can't easily state that the quality of the videos on this site are good or bad. There is such a huge difference when you compare the oldest video and the latest one, and many of the videos in the middle fall somewhere in between. It's safe to say that the newer videos are good amateur quality, the oldest are amateur quality by today's standards.

The Boy Fun Collection photo sets are shot separately from the videos and are added as separate updates. There are an impressive 9,049 galleries, a set added every day each week except for Tuesdays and Fridays. To make finding things easier, the sets have been divided into six different categories and you can sort and search the galleries in multiple ways. As you can see, while Boy Fun Collection offers an insane number of videos, the number of photo sets is even more impressive.

Each set contains about 150 photos and again the sizes and quality between the sets from the early years and the current sets differs quite a bit. The photos in the current galleries come in three resolutions, the largest one shown at a whopping 2000x3000. Older photos are only available in one resolution at a size of 1024x682. While the photos look a bit more grainy here and there, the quality is still pretty good.

You can browse through the photos by hand or you can start the hands-free slideshow, which is available in multiple speeds. For those who love to collect pictures and save them, you can easily download the images altogether in one zip file. You can also save them individually.

Boy Fun memberships come with several extras. There are six third-party video feeds, a good-sized bonus video section hosted by Boy Fun and an e-zine. There's also a live cam house that features horny college boys 24/7. Then there are the 25 bonus picture sets that fit in perfectly with the theme of the site. Last, there's a link to a video chat site. The basic chat is free, but in order to see models naked or chat with them in private, you would need to pay by the minute.

This is a huge twink site with massive amounts of content, but it misses having much personality as there are no model biographies or scene descriptions available. Some of the solo videos follow a repetitive pattern and aren't always very creative. While the majority of the guys are good looking, some are hotter and more passionate on camera than others, but then amateurs are often nervous on camera, so this is to be expected. Also, as mentioned, the oldest videos are small and lower quality, but on the other hand, these videos were filmed 12 years ago, so I have no real complaints about them.

Boy Fun Collection offers exclusive content featuring cute twink boys and jocks with smooth bodies and hard cocks. There is plenty of variety when it comes to the performers, and the majority of them are hot amateurs. There are 3,649 videos and 9,049 photo sets, which is impressive, so this site can keep members quite busy. Also, new videos are added four (or once in a while, five) times per week and new pic sets are also added five times each week. In fact, in many ways, Boy Fun Collection is one of the best twink and jock sites around, continuing to grow and improve their content quality, and these (and the twinks themselves) are the reasons that Boy Fun Collection is one of my favorite sites.

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