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Reviewed by on 24 Dec 2010

62 score out of 100
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Looking for real amateur guys rather than the so-called amateurs a lot of sites offer? Well, today we're taking a look at a site called Boyfriend Nudes. The dudes on the tour look like real amateurs because they are. This site offers user-submitted content, so most of the content was submitted by the actual men on the tour or by their boyfriends. There's a lot of self-pics and vids taken by guys using their own cameras, camcorders or cell phones, guys who want to be watched as they strip or jack off. There's even a link to submit your homemade pics and videos if you want to. The tour offers daily updates, DRM-free videos and unlimited downloads. Ready to learn more? Then join me for a look at the member area.

When you log into Boyfriend Nudes, you may be surprised to find yourself in the member area of a straight porn network. You can either use the dropdown menu on the upper right or click the site icon below and you'll find yourself on the member home page. Below the list of bonus sites are the latest updates, each listed with the date added, a thumb, whether pics or a video and member rating. To the right and at the bottom are a number of ads, some of which look like thumbs and could be mistaken for content. The site currently offers 142 videos and 533 pic sets, and while new content is added almost every day, most of the updates are pic sets, not videos.

The Boyfriend Nudes videos are offered in downloadable WMV and MP4 plus streaming MP4, all of which are DRM-free. The WMV's are shown at 640x480, downloadable MP4's from 480x360 to 640x480 and the streaming MP4's at 448x336. Video quality is all over the map, from good amateur down to low quality. This makes sense since these are self-shot amateur videos. Some also play a lot smoother than others, due to a wide variety of cameras that were used. That being said, the downloadable MP4's are lower quality than the other 2 options, and I don't recommend them. BTW, as is common in a site of this type, some of the videos are under 2 minutes long where others are over 14 minutes total, many falling in between the two times.

The pics section here lets members see all kinds of regular guys shooting photos of themselves naked, stroking their cocks, self-sucking. I checked out plenty of pictures, and found they generally range from 560x420 to 1024x768 at qualities from low to pretty darn good. Some of the older pics I checked out were vidcaps, a bit on the small side, and a very few were tiny - actually the same size as the thumbs. But most are big enough to let you check out the guys, their cocks and asses, as they show off or play for their own cameras.

The models here are of guys from twinks to mature hairy men, with plenty of "regular" guys, some emo boyz and college types. While the pics and videos can include things like the model at the beach or posing, pretty much every set has some cock shots, nipple play or masturbation. Expect some less-than-perfect pics since these are not only amateurs shooting their own cocks and intimate moments, but they're self-pics and videos, at that. Each guy has his own unique vibe, which makes sense since these are mostly self-shot photos or clips.

When it comes to extras, Boyfriend Nudes is part of a network that's great if you're looking for straight sex and pussy, but not too good if you want gay action or guys jerking off. There are 17 bonus sites, all straight and girlfriend or female-themed - no bi sites, no gay sites, not even any tranny sites. Still, if you're bi or straight-curious, the bonus sites could be a nice plus.

This site does have some issues. The join page has a pre-checked offer you might want to read before you join, especially since it's for a straight site. The site is advertising-rich, and some of the ads are thumbs that you can easily mistake for content. And then there's the fact that the bonus sites are all straight, which some will find and issue and others won't.

Boyfriend Nudes delivers homemade videos of guys posing, stripping, stroking their cocks, and a little gay sex, as well. You can see that these are all real amateurs, and all the content was submitted by the actual models or by their boyfriends. The site offers a collection of 142 videos and over 500 pic sets, and updates almost every day. While there were issues including tons of ads and all-straight bonus content, if you love seeing guys getting naked, showing off their cocks and getting off in front of their own cameras at home, Boyfriend Nudes is a site you'll want to check out.

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