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Boyfriend Nudes has been around for a few years and they're supposed to feature user-submitted content, which means the content is amateur photos and videos from guys like you and me. I've always been curious about these kinds of sites and whether they're the real deal, so I asked my editor to get me a password so I could check it out. Boyfriend Nudes really does feature mostly amateur guys and content, although I've seen some of the content on other sites, so it's probably not actually user-submitted.

The guys on this site are all over the map: twinks, jocks, muscle hunks, bears, daddies, Asian guys, black dudes and Latinos. You'll find young guys in their early twenties and daddies in their fifties. And it goes without saying that you'll find every body type and cock size imaginable. Having said that, most of the guys are in decent shape and appear to be in their twenties and thirties.

Most of the action is masturbation with guys sitting back in their chair or lying on their bed and stroking one out. There's a fair bit of sex, as well, with guys sucking dick or getting fucked. And there's something about guys wanting to show us all the things they can shove up their asses; I saw dildos, butt plugs, cucumbers, flashlights, bananas and a few other things.

There are 623 videos on Boyfriend Nudes and they come in both downloadable and streaming versions. The downloads are available in myriad sizes in MP4 format. I saw four different sizes from 320x240 to 640x462, but there may be other sizes too. But the streaming videos play at a standard 480x360 embedded player. These are homemade or homemade style videos, so some are fine with decent lighting and image clarity, while others have lighting issues or may not be centered in frame or have other issues like guys kicking the camera with their foot or falling off the bed themselves. Yes, I saw that. But I found most of the videos were good enough quality to enjoy.

There are 1,310 pictures galleries, and again, these are mostly amateur pictures and they come in all different sizes and they've been taken with a variety of equipment. So expect everything and anything. Some galleries have six pictures, others have 24. Some of the pictures are full-body nudes with heads, others are just cock shots. Some of the pictures are taken by other people, many are selfies snapped with cell phones or cams.

The site says that they update daily, and they mostly do. One thing I really liked about this site is that they have a calendar, just like the kind that you might put on your wall (minus the kitten pictures), and they record the title of each day's update. When you mouse over these a preview image will pop up and these are clickable so you can go right to the update. Scrolling through the past month Boyfriend Nudes is mostly hitting every day. They missed eight days in May and a couple in each January and February, but other than that, they're true to their word.

But everything isn't rosy with Boyfriend Nudes. There is a pre-checked offer on the join page that will sign you up for a 3-day trial at $1.95 for another of their network of sites. But if you're not interested, just untick it and you're good. The login page shows a number of "More Boyfriend Sites" and you might think these are included since the join page says "Full Access To Our Network Of Sites With Just One Membership!" But they're not included. The bonus network sites you'll find inside Boyfriend Nudes are actually 28 straight sites.

Being one gay site among 28 straight ones, this site gets lost on the network homepage. You're presented with a page of logos of all the network sites and there is straight content on the homepage by default. Once you click Boyfriend Nudes you'll find the gay/male content, but from time to time, clicks on the navbar like GF Dating or Promotions will present you with more straight content. However once you get the hang of how the site is organized, it's easy to avoid the chicks if you don't want to see them.

As already mentioned, the content here is probably not actually user-submitted, as I've seen it on other sites. It's also worth mentioning that I was unable to find the guys shown on the tour inside the member area. Maybe a few of them are hidden in there, but to be honest, the pics shown on the tour are better-lit and framed than most of what you'll find in the member area.

Boyfriend Nudes offers horny amateurs in what appears to be actual homemade content. If you're only looking for pretty people with ripped bodies in professionally produced videos, this isn't the site for you. But if you like a variety of guys and get turned on by exhibitionists showing you what fuels their horniness, this is a good site. With over 600 videos and 1,310 picture galleries, they had more content than I was expecting.

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