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Black Seducer is an interracial gay porn site featuring black guys with massive dicks and white boys with gaping holes. The site was originally built around one black stud with a 13 inch cock(!), and he is called "the seducer". His job is to find white and Latin bottoms and literally fuck them silly. As the site kept growing, different kinds of scenarios were added. Most of those scenes are threesomes and gangbang videos in which the cock-hungry bottom boy takes two or more big black dicks.

The tops are big and muscular black guys who are very well endowed, while the bottoms are usually a bit more lean. Some of the bottoms wear wigs to look more feminine. The guys on Black Seducer are aged anywhere between 18 and late twenties, with tops being a little older than the bottoms. The majority of the guys are uncut.

The action here is pretty intense, with lots of rough fucking and even a bit of submissive role playing here and there. Other than that, you will get lots of deepthroat cock sucking, creampies and messy facials. With a 13 inch cock up their asses, it is hard to tell whether the bottoms are in pain or in pleasure, but either way they seem to really enjoy the hard plowing sessions.

Black Seducer offers 52 full scenes. The site was launched at the end of 2005, but updates were never very consistent and the site has stopped updating somewhere in 2009. The videos are listed as full scenes and as clips, the clips listed as separate updates, which makes it look like there is much more content than there actually is.

All videos are available for download in WMV format. The newer videos play at a size of 852x480, while the older original videos come at a smaller size of 520x400. The videos are DRM-free, and come in average to good amateur quality with clear sounds and lots of close-ups of the action. In case you'd rather watch the videos online, you can stream the vids, but the streaming versions are very small; 300x170 for the newer videos and 290x220 for the older ones. You can't enlarge the video player either, so you're probably better off just downloading the videos and watching them after you've saved them.

There are 126 picture sets inside Black Seducer, and each set contains from 20 to over 250 pictures. Some sets contain digital stills while others are screencaps taken from the video. In both cases, the quality is fairly good with lots of bright colors and clear details. The size of the pictures varies a bit, but most of them are good sized, available up to 1280x853. You can either browse through the galleries by hand or sit back and enjoy them via the hands-free slideshow. Images can be saved individually or you can download them altogether in zip files.

As a member of Black Seducer, you will get access to some bonus stuff, as well. You will also get access to nine bonus porn sites from the same network. Most of the sites are black and twink niche sites. Your login works on all the bonus sites and there are no restrictions, however most of these sites have not been updated in ages. There are more than 100 erotic stories and while only a couple of them are interracial stories, they are definitely worth a read. There's also a link that leads you to a third party webcam site. In order to make full use of this service, you would need to buy credits.

Now let's talk about issues. First, as mentioned, the site doesn't update. Next, there are excessive banners on some pages - there are 4 banners above and 4 more below every gallery page and video listing page. There's also a huge banner for the above-mentioned live cam site followed by another banner on the bonus sites page, and there's a link to a message board that isn't working. When streaming the videos, you might get a little annoyed by the fact that you'll need to re-enter your username and password for each video separately.

One more thing potential members will probably want to know revolves around the tour's claims of white asses nailed by massive black dicks. Yes, the dicks are mostly jumbo-sized, and yes, the tops are black. There are even some white bottom boys, but there are also quite a few Latinos getting fucked. There's nothing wrong with that, except that the tour makes it seem like all the content is black-on-white.

Black Seducer might not be the biggest or most well-known interracial gay porn site, but they do offer some very big black cocks filling tight white and Latin bottoms' mouths and asses. The 52 videos are downloadable, but they're also on the small side and the streaming videos are pretty small. The photos, on the other hand, are big and of good quality. Members also get access to nine bonus sites from the same network, although they don't update. Still, I found the action at Black Seducer was hot and the big black cocks are impressive as they impale those tight white and Latin holes.

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